Landis Communications: 30 Years of PR, Marketing, and Digital Media

Landis Communications operates based on three core ideals — change, craft, and communicate. Based in San Francisco and founded in 1990, they have won awards from and the San Francisco Business Times for their dynamic approach to taking businesses to new heights.

Why Choose Landis Communications 

Landis Communications has proven their ability to deliver creative results to their clients through crafting compelling stories that lead to unrivaled business success. They pride themselves on their ability to create magnetic messages and even offer clients a return on investment promise that guarantees results.

David Landis, President and CEO of Landis Communications, has used his three decades of experience to help a variety of national and Bay Area-based financial institutions, travel-related businesses, retailers, and cultural institutions. In addition, he taught public relations to MBA students at Golden Gate University and currently writes for the Forbes San Francisco Business Council.

Landis Communications Public Relations Capabilities

Landis Communications is a mid-sized, full service PR firm, meaning that they specialize in increasing brand awareness, enhancing web presence, and managing crises for their clients.

Magnetic Messages©

Magnetic Messages©, Landis Communications’ branded PR process, condenses branding into one word — Why? Landis Communications uses the power of “Why” to help businesses discover and tell their story, a story which can consistently be delivered to the media and to their client’s target audience.

Services for Startups

Landis Communications’s Jumpstart Program© is designed to help small and new businesses reach their marketing and PR goals, regardless of budget concerns and existing media connections. Jumpstart© minimizes costs while giving clients a six-month period to create a solid marketing foundation and kick off a thriving media campaign.

Content Marketing and Social Media

Web content needs to be valuable for consumers to find it, and Landis Communications specializes in creating web copy and social media posts that increases their clients’ audiences. Through thoughtful research and carefully constructed SEO strategies, Landis Communications creates successful content marketing plans and generates high return of investment for their clients.

Clients From All Industries

Landis Communications is a company of self-proclaimed “generalists,” meaning that their approach can be tailored to clients across any industry. From food and beverage to healthcare to museums, they have done it all.

Jack London Square

Jack London Square, an entertainment and dining destination situated on the historic Oakland waterfront. Jack London Square hired Landis Communications in 2011 to spearhead the development’s public relations, including increasing the square’s visibility and overcoming negative perceptions about the surrounding area. Over the course of two years, they generated over 500 media placements and an increase in event attendance.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is a nonprofit humanitarian organization that is recognized worldwide for its emergency assistance, disaster relief, and disaster preparedness education efforts in the United States. From organizing blood drives to issuing CPR certifications, the Red Cross is most definitely an essential organization.

Gap, Inc.

Gap, Inc. has stores throughout the United States and around the world. Headquartered in San Francisco, the clothing and accessories retailer also incorporates Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Athleta as some of their signature brands.

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