Lane Community College Issues Public Relations RFP

Lane Community College Issues Public Relations RFP

Lane Community College of Eugene, Oregon has issued a public relations RFP.


Lane Community College (Lane) is located in Eugene, Oregon and is a comprehensive community college with a district that covers 5,000 square miles, encompassing over 100 departments and programs and a variety of administrative functions. The college’s vision is transforming lives through learning. Lane is the community’s college: We provide comprehensive, accessible, quality, learning-centered educational opportunities that promote student success.

Scope of Work:

A) Increase Transfer Student Enrollment:

Increasing student enrollment requires reaching high school students and recent high school graduates who would benefit from learning more about how Lane can meet their educational needs and be the starting point to a four-year university degree.

B) Increase Current Student Satisfaction:

Increasing current student satisfaction requires understanding the needs of existing students on campus and finding ways to increase awareness of existing programs and resources designed to help them achieve their goals. Increased student satisfaction will lead to greater student retention.

C) Latino Community Outreach:

We want to give priority to making sure that Latino students have the resources and support to achieve their educational dreams. Recruitment of Latino students will require that our marketing efforts reflect an understanding of the Latino culture and their unique needs.

D) Educating the Community:

Strengthening ties with the community will require reinforcing and demonstrating the college’s ability to be an important community partner, providing affordable and accessible education to all members of our community as well as being a significant local economic driver. A key message will be highlighting the college’s role in developing tomorrow’s workforce as well as the ability to develop customized training and education programs for local businesses.

E) Work may include:

  1. Increase enrollment among high school graduates, the Latino community, and workforce providers and employees
  2. Position Lane as the best choice for transfer and career and technical programs

iii. Develop key messages that adapt to a changing environment, demographic conditions, and provide consistent language and visual messages to reach targeted audiences

  1. Develop brand product designs
  2. Develop unique marketing strategies/campaigns
  3. Advise on new trends in social media engagement

vii. Promoting the institution’s international program

viii. Website layout and design

  1. Photo/Video production
  2. Promoting state, regional and national partnerships
  3. Provide annual assessment of work

Due Date:

April 25th






EUGENE   OREGON   97405-0640

Agencies who could be a fit for this include Edelman PR or Burson-Marsteller.

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