Laredo Housing Authority Seeks Marketing Agency

Laredo Housing Authority Seeks Marketing AgencyThe Housing Authority of the City of Laredo, Texas is a public entity that was formed in 1937 to provide federally subsidized housing and housing assistance to low-income families, within the City of Laredo. The Housing Authority of the City of Laredo is a unit of government and its functions are essential governmental functions. The property of LHA is used for essential public and governmental purposes, and is exempt from all taxes, including sales tax on all its purchases of supplies and services. Currently, LHA owns and manages: three public facility corporations, 994 public housing units throughout the City of Laredo and Asherton, TX; and administrates a total of 1368 Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers. LHA currently has approximately 103 employees.

The Laredo Housing Authority (LHA) is seeking a marketing firm to assist in directing, developing, and managing a city-wide community and housing redevelopment or transformation campaign. The campaign will be developed around the concept of revitalization the inner city of Laredo or Central Laredo. The revitalization will include public housing and inner city efforts and projects related to housing and neighborhood redevelopment, homelessness prevention and intervention, LHA curb appeal, homeownership efforts, and economic development.

Tasks to include:

  1. Assist and lead in the development of the campaign strategy, objectives, and brand planning;
  2. Facilitate team discussion and provide direction, as needed;
  3. Lead, direct, and manage the development of creative and promotional assets, including possible third-party contractors, to ensure strategic alignment and project progress;
  4. Discuss, develop and assist in the management of technical assets and integration of platforms (social media, website, printed collaterals);
  5. Assist with other related tasks that integrate the redevelopment  campaign.Creative Design: Although not required, respondent should indicate whether it can provide creative graphical design in-house or through a third party. If so, provide:

Due Date:

July 28, 2017 to

Laredo Housing Authority
Procurement Department- 2nd Floor
2000 San Francisco Ave.
Laredo, TX 78040

Strong Texas PR firms include Taylor PR and Edelman PR.

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