Las Vegas-Clark County Library District Issues Public Relations and Social Media Services RFP

Las Vegas-Clark County Library District Issues Public Relations and Social Media Services RFP

Currently, the District accomplishes public relations with in-house staff. However, as we have redefined our mission through the Vision 2020 Plan and Facilities Master Plan (both outlined below), there is a pressing need for public enlightenment on the growing and evolving products, programs, and services we offer, from cultural experiences to community gatherings to vast educational resources.

The District has created a new Branding & Marketing Department (BAM) and the team is seeking public relations support as they shift from traditional services to a refreshed, comprehensive approach that optimizes social media channels, a redesigned Highlights magazine, as well as our dynamic new website that launched in June 2018.

The selected Bidder will work directly with the following staff to assist with the development of ongoing positive media coverage and social media initiatives to educate the public about the District’s evolution/revolution: Branding & Marketing Director, Assistant Branding & Marketing Director, Digital Content Manager, Digital Content Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator, Web Designer, and two Graphic Designers.


The District has been undergoing an exciting transformation with the introduction of two new initiatives.

  • Vision 2020 (V.2020) Plan – Adopted by the District’s Board of Trustees in January 2016, this forward-looking, demographic blueprint was designed to guide the library’s community engagement initiatives, messaging, and served as a starting point in the development of the Facilities Master Plan.

o The plan’s four pillars are Limitless Learning; Business & Career Success; Community & Culture; and Government & Social Services.

o Target audiences include current and potential adult and teen cardholders. The District must do more to attract the demographic group ranging from tweens up to the early 30s, at which age adults typically start a family and rediscover the joy of taking their young children to the library. New social media initiatives have been specifically aimed at this challenge, and PR will also be critical.

o Specific among these are three Supergroups identified during Vision 2020 Plan demographic research:

  • Families Supergroup – 68% of our service population and distributed throughout the valley.
  • Couples-Singles Supergroup – 22% of our service population, concentrated in the west and south. Branches with high concentrations can still have high percentages of Families Supergroup.
  • Seniors Supergroup – 10% of our service population but diverse; Snow Birds to the Social Security set; located mostly in established metro neighborhoods and rural locations.
  • Library Facilities Master Plan Decision Framework – This study was recently completed and will redesign how our existing library spaces are used, with less emphasis on physical books and materials, of which many can be downloaded and streamed from our website, and more focus on spaces for programming, Science Technology Engineering Arts Math (STEAM) learning, after-school tutoring, children’s “learning through play” areas, and “living room” settings to encourage community interaction. All services and programs will continue to be free of charge.

Scope of Work:

  • Create a 12-month strategic plan that involves a review of current projects, and recommends goals and tactics for reaching specific library stakeholders including existing and potential cardholders, business and political leaders, and other important audiences, as determined.

o Due six (6) weeks after the contract is finalized and signed.

o The plan shall set a budget based on recommended initiatives and set measures of success. (Cost should include development and execution.)

o The plan shall include a proposed outline of monthly activities (e.g. a minimum of two pitches per month to promote a particular event or initiative or to target a specific audience).

o The plan/campaign shall include:

  • Using input from the BAM Department and all reference materials made available, the agency will lead the development and implementation of a comprehensive public relations campaign strategy designed to achieve the outcomes and objectives of the District’s Branding and Marketing team.
  • The plan shall integrate media relations (traditional and new media/non-traditional), community relations, key message formulation, account management services, partnership opportunities, and any other approved initiatives.
  • Goals should include but are not limited to:
  • Garner media coverage for the various services programs offered through the District.
  • Raise awareness of the District’s hosted events and programs for adults, teens, and children.
  • Increase the number of cardholders and customers accessing their library.
  • Increase the number of website users/website traffic.
  • Demonstrate the value and diversity of programs hosted by the District.
  • As part of the strategic plan, develop an overarching PR campaign with social media support on how the District continues to change, evolve, and surprise its customers on the range of educational support and cultural experiences that are offered through its library doors and on its website.

o Campaign arc should encompass the many exciting new developments listed previously, with a strategy to publicize the new brand campaign, which is still under development.

o Provide opportunistic media relations and social media initiatives.

o Target both old and new media, as well as influencers and blogs as appropriate.

  • As needed, advise and participate in issues management, including the preparation of talking points for use by Library staff and Board trustees to prepare for media interviews.
  • Provide support for our existing social media team and their initiatives.
  • Provide media training two times each year to Library staff.
  • Writing support as needed for promotional materials, press releases, newsletters, magazines, or publications.
  • Assist in the development of mini-campaigns to boost program awareness throughout the year.
  • Establish a database of key stakeholders and influencers to engage throughout the campaign.
  • Develop a media contacts list including bloggers and influencers/influencer groups or organizations that will be targeted in addition to traditional media (to be provided to the Library District).
  • Provide developed story angles and narratives that are specifically directed to individual media outlets, influencers, individuals, communities, or community groups; implement pitches as directed/requested.
  • Always be prepared to take advantage of opportunistic stories in the national or local news, as well as pop culture, that can be tied to the Library’s products, services, and evolution/revolution.
  • Media Relations: Work with District’s BAM team on the development of the media strategy including pitches, op-eds and/or letters to the editor; pre- and on-site media coverage; editorial board meetings; and continued “push” coverage. The Bidder will work with the BAM team to identify statewide and local news stories and community partners for op-eds and letters to the editor.
  • Media monitoring and clip reporting.
  • Account management, including creating and distribute semi-monthly status reports and project management calendars.
  • Schedule, plan, and lead semi-monthly status meetings with the District’s Branding and Marketing team to inform and obtain feedback on the marketing campaign, strategies, and implementation status.
  • Create and distribute semi-monthly status reports and project management calendars to the BAM Department, including an analysis of all digital marketing initiatives.
  • Produce monthly campaign impact reports outlining the campaign’s success, and include a recap of media coverage, social media impact, back-end survey findings, and other data relative to the campaign.
  • Other services may include:

o Support for the East Las Vegas Library Grand Opening.

o Events: The Bidder will attend existing hosted events to capture testimonials, quotes, photographs, and videos if requested.

o Provide feedback to the District on existing social media accounts and how they can be improved upon to amplify any campaign initiatives.

o Provide support and/or recommendations on creating digital assets such as short videos.

o Provide writing and/or proofing support as requested for newsletters, magazines, and blogs.

o Working with the BAM team, develop and implement a community relations plan that supports and/or complements the overall campaign, including the coordination of events, identification of community groups and contacts to build relationships with, and building strategic partnerships.

The services listed above shall not be considered a complete list.

Due Date:

November 8th


Las Vegas-Clark County Library District

Windmill Library and Service Center

Attn: General Services Department

7060 W. Windmill Lane

Las Vegas, NV 89113

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