Lead Ads on Facebook

With nearly 3 billion active users all over the globe, and as a great influence on consumer buying decisions, Facebook can’t be ignored by companies who want to generate leads.There are plenty of other reasons why companies should be using Facebook in their lead ads. For instance, the tools and features the platform provides to businesses for driving more attention to solutions and targeting audiences should motivate companies to use the platform.

One of the best marketing tools that companies can use with Facebook is lead ads, which allow businesses to generate leads on Facebook among people that might be looking to buy a specific product or service. Instead of using the traditional landing page in marketing efforts, these lead ads can keep social media users on the platform while they fill out a form with their details such as contact information. Whenever a potential customer completes a form, they’ll be added to the company’s email list to receive offers and updates, which helps target the audience. The platform’s lead ads work in a similar way as other advertising efforts, and to consumers, the ads look similar to other link ads on Facebook.

Wealth Factory

The Wealth Factory is a great example of how to create Facebook lead ads for other companies. When a potential customer clicks on a link, they first want to know what they’re going to get from the product advertised in it. When the benefits are clearly described, and audiences  understand what they gain from clicking on the link, they’re more likely to take that step. The Wealth Factory offers its customers a free PDF with tax benefits as well as job offers. It also provides a tax deduction or a tax-free income for businesses. All a Facebook user has to do is to complete a very short form to get the benefits. Companies can use the same approach for their own campaigns by making a bulleted list of the benefits that consumers get from clicking their call to action (CTA). This way consumers can get a better understanding of what they are going to gain at a glance, which encourages them to click through.

Boux Avenue

Another great example of lead ads on Facebook is offering customers a discount and a regular newsletter when signing up. This is what Boux Avenue does in its lead ad campaigns, which inspires customers to sign up by offering them a discount. Most consumers love getting a bargain, and the company makes it even easier to make that decision by making the sign-up process smoother, with pre-filled information alongside the call to action. Companies can also use this approach by simplifying their, which will increase the chances of potential customers clicking on the ad. In order to create some urgency, companies  can also add a time limitation to a discount.

Lead ads on Facebook are a very cost-effective way for businesses to create and test different ads and figure out which perform best with audiences. Lead ads allow companies to show different images, offers, and CTAs to each potential consumer. They provide great personalization opportunities by allowing companies to create locally relevant ads. These types of ads help to increase sales and the quality of the leads.

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