Library Issues Marketing RFP

Urbandale Public Library (UPL) has issued an RFP seeking a marketing agency to:

  1. Develop a 3-5 year strategic plan.
  2. Project a 10 year vision.
  3. Create a public relations, communications, and marketing plan.
  4. Increase fundraising. 

UPL’s priority is to offer a superior customer experience through first-class collections, programs, and services.

The scope of work shall include the following:

  1. Create a long term (10 years or more) vision for how the library can be an increasingly vital resource for all of the citizens and businesses in Urbandale.
  1. Creatively facilitate input sessions and data-gathering involving a cross-section of the entire community to ensure the vision is inclusive and comprehensive.
  1. Develop a shorter-term 3-5 year strategic plan with a view to implement the long term vision.
  1. Develop a public relations, communications, and marketing plan to create engagement and support of community leaders and all citizens in the strategic objectives and the vision of the library.
  1. Provide benchmarks to measure the results of the plans and achievement of the objectives.
  1. Develop a fundraising program to provide support for enhanced services, programs, and collections and to ensure future funding to implement the vision.
  1. Provide an effective, reliable ongoing process for library staff and leadership to regularly review, re-evaluate and adjust the objectives and plans to remain aligned to new developments in any factors impacting the vision including technology, community needs, and financial resources.

Deliverables should also include:

  • An up-to-date community profile and identification of community markets.
  • An assessment of the library’s environment, including evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, quality of services, reputation, management, budget, etc.
  • Specification of the mission and core values of the organization.

Due Date

August 13, 2017


Julie Wells, Director
Urbandale Public Library

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