4 LinkedIn SEO Tricks to Help Your Profile Rank

LinkedIn is more than just a social networking site; it is also a powerful marketing tool for any organization. This is why it is important to optimize your profile for the search engines. Your LinkedIn profile provides one way for customers to find you on the web. On the flip side, if you’re using LinkedIn to get a job, an optimized profile will make it easy for prospective employers to find you. Here are 4 tips to increase the visibility of your LinkedIn profile.


Take Your Profile Public

This tip is so simple, yet so many LinkedIn users fail to use it. If you’ve limited your profile views to just your friends and family, how will potential customers or employers find you? You would have totally defeated the purpose of your LinkedIn profile. Take your profile public, so search engines can index more details and help you increase your global reach.

Optimize your URL

Every profile is issued a default numbered URL by LinkedIn. That number is generic, and does not accurately describe your or your organization. Customize your URL to make it search engine friendly. Go to your profile page and look for the URL at the bottom right. There you can change it to something that describes what you represent. Ideally, you should include some descriptive keywords along with your name or your company name. The URL change will immediately boost your profile.

Fill Out Your Profile Completely

A review of profiles on LinkedIn will reveal that many users do not completely fill out their profiles. That is not good. The more detail you provide, the better your chances of getting indexed. Some things you must include are your relevant job titles, description, summary, and skills. You should also add a professional picture, your blog, a slideshare on a relevant topic, video, and your website. Ideally, you should find a way to incorporate your keywords into all these fields, but don’t overdo it.

Choose Your Keywords Wisely

Your keywords must be included on your profile, but they must be the right keywords. Choosing the wrong keywords is worse than having none at all. When you’re thinking keywords, think of the words that prospective employers will use to search for someone with your expertise. Hint: They will not be searching for your name, unless you’re well known and respected in your industry. For instance, if you’re an accountant your keywords will include CPA, accountant, tax specialist, etc. In the case of a company, you need to use product names or include the type of services which your company offers.


Backlinks will help to increase the visibility of your LinkedIn profile. Link out from your profile to your blog, website, and videos on YouTube as long as it will support who you are and what you do. You will also need to include links to your profile from your blog, Twitter, Facebook, email signatures, and any other place where you’re visible on the web.

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