London Misher Profile and Background

London Misher is a lifestyle public relations firm based in Manhattan that specializes in digital marketing and publicity. It was founded in 1997 by Lauren London and Shari Misher. Lauren London has been an active participant in charity events, and her story has been featured in various well-known journals. She graduated with a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania.

She graduated from the S.I. Newhouse  School of Communications. The duo brings to the table their 3-year experience at Zarem, Inc. They both grew up in the New York social scene and have an extensive network of contacts.

London Misher Events

London Misher Public relations agency has produced high profile events such as the Entertainment Weekly Oscar party. The event organizers have a different approach to the profession. In an interview, they said they focus more on promoting events rather than just producing more and more of these. Most public relations firms will organize about three events in a week. London Misher agency organizes 15 events within a year.

London Misher agency believes in limiting the number of events for yet another reason. It becomes hard to get positive feedback when you always pitch the same thing to the same audience.  Social events that include high profile figures and celebrities are a common feature with the agency. The firm has a primary and supplementary database of thousands of names to populate its parties. These can be names of former clients, people they have personally sought, or others who have requested to be added to the list. 


The agency provides public relations, marketing, and communications services to clients in different industries. These sectors have included:

●     Health and wellness 

●     Lifestyle

●     Restaurants  

●     Non-profit organizations 

●     Entertainment

●     Fashion and beauty 

●     Real estate 

The agency is also behind the success of fundraising campaigns, one of which is the annual Saturday event at the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Just a year after the agency was founded, the co-founders appeared in the cover story of New York Magazine.

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