Los Angeles, California Issues Event Planning RFP

Los Angeles, California Issues Event Planning RFP

The County of Los Angeles, Department of Public Health is issuing this Invitation for Bids (IFB) to solicit bids for a Contract with an organization who can provide Event Planning, Production, and Promotion services for 2019 Annual Al-Impics Games.


The federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) identifies health and community as two major components that support ongoing Substance Use Disorder (SUD) recovery. Health relates to overcoming and managing one’s disease while making healthy choices, and community relates to establishing positive relationships and support networks. In agreement with these findings, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Substance Abuse Prevention and Control (SAPC) sponsors and facilitates an annual SUD awareness and recovery, Olympics-style, sports event known as the Al-Impics, at a local Los Angeles County venue in collaboration with its network of contracted SUD treatment providers and community-based agencies.

In this competitive sports event, approximately one thousand (1,000) sober and recovering individuals have the opportunity to compete in athletic activities to demonstrate their consistent efforts to overcome SUD. These activities reflect their commitment to acquire physical and mental endurance, a healthy lifestyle, and the success of recovery through SUD treatment. The event provides a platform for other support networks consisting of diverse providers, community leaders, organizations, family members, and friends to help celebrate the recovery community and their accomplishments through healthy competition in the spirit of sobriety achievement and recreation. Additionally, SAPC purposes to expand SUD awareness in the community and de-stigmatize SUD by promoting treatment resource, providing educational information, and soliciting media coverage of the event as outlined in the scope of work.

Event planning, production, and promotion services are needed to develop and produce an annual SUD awareness and recovery sporting event, in partnership with SAPC, its network of contracted SUD treatment providers, and other community-based agencies during the month of September, “National Recovery Awareness Month”. This event is designed to serve as a community engagement model for all SUD treatment agencies to adopt on a national level.

Scope of Work:

Event planning, production, and promotion services are needed to develop and produce an annual SUD awareness and recovery sporting event, in partnership with SAPC, its network of contracted SUD treatment providers, and other community-based agencies during the month of September, “National Recovery Awareness Month”. This event is designed to serve as a community engagement model for all SUD treatment agencies to adopt on a national level.

Contractor and contracting staff shall complete all tasks and produce all deliverables identified in the Scope of Work under the following four (4) categories:

  1. Strategic Planning and Communications
  • Assign a dedicated Project Manager experienced working with volunteers, community and local government leaders, contracted vendors, media, and other public relations entities to act as the central point of contact with SAPC.
  • Ensure Project Manager’s event-planning commitment and availability to SAPC at 40 hours per week
  • Schedule and conduct bi-weekly status meetings (by phone or in- person depending on the project necessity) with SAPC staff separate from the monthly planning committee meeting.
  • Develop a comprehensive communication and event-production plan for an Olympic-style, one-day sports event celebrating alcohol and drug recovery at an appropriate sports venue during September 2019. The plan to include, but not limited to, objectives, goals, timelines, lead responsibilities, and an evaluation plan to measure the success of the event, (i.e., the number of participants, the number of volunteers, the amount of in-kind donations received, the amount of marketing exposure, the amount of media presence and reporting, etc.)
  • Solicit, procure and subcontract services with at least one SAPC contracted provider to serve as subject matter expert and ensure community engagement, sensitivity and inclusivity. Subcontractor should actively assist with:

-the coordination of the Al-Impics planning committee, coordination of                 communication and recruitment of the SAPC’s Network Providers


-provider recruitment

-SAPC provider participation

-event venue scouting negotiations, and procurement

– event activities coordination

-sporting events, and equipment requirements

  • Recruit and lead monthly, or more frequently as needed, planning committee comprised of representatives from Los Angeles County’s SAPC contracted alcohol and drug treatment provider network including outpatient and residential providers, SAPC staff, the Los Angeles Commissioners office, and other key stakeholders.
  • Develop, track and distribute a status report listing each event deliverable with its associated target date, responsible party, and status. The report is to be followed and shared during the bi-weekly SAPC status meetings.
  • Develop an official Al-Impics office with an established contact name, phone number, email address, social media handles, and website address to be the source of all event information provided to the public.
  • Scout local event venues large enough to host hundreds of participation athletes, families and friends. Procure the venue approved by SAPC based on appropriate size, accommodations compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA), and local accessibility.


  1. Event Development and Promotions
  • Collaborate with SAPC and the Al-Impics Planning Committee to identify and promote the theme for the 2019 Al-Impics event.
  • Develop, produce and implement a promotional event marketing plan that list specific deliverables (displaying the Al-Impics and SAPC logos) and monthly timelines to publicize the event to SAPC Providers, patients, community health plans, other stakeholders at various community outreach events, and the public until the date of the event.
  • Procure, contrct, produce (print where applicable), and distribute all marketing and promotional items noted earlier.
  • Procure, contract, produce (print where applicable), and fulfil all marketing and promotional media buys.
  • Develop, produce and maintain an Al-Impics website to house and display all event information and promotional deliverables. Contractor to research keeping the current website domain name, https://www.al-impics.org/
  • Develop, produce and maintain Al-Impics social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to house and display all event information and promotional deliverables.
  • Develop a public relation plan, lead, and implement public relations efforts, in coordination with SAPC, to include a scheduled press conference and press kit materials for the media.
  • Research and secure at least one celebrity or familiar community activist (preferable someone who is either in recovery themselves or connected, and support the efforts of LA County SAPC,) as a public draw. Develop, establish and maintain relationships with their public relations teams. Request a guest appearance and their attendance at the event.
  • Develop and organize a press conference/publicity to include DPH/SAPC representatives to promote the event
  • Develop and distibute, with SAPC approval, written press release(s) to promote the event with press outlets (e.g., TV, radio, newspaper, online) throughout Los Angeles County
  • Identify and implement efforts to encourage public/patients in joining/following Al-Impics social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) platforms.
  • Draft and post (with SAPC approval where required) information/photos on identified social media platforms at least monthly.
  • Develop a recruitment strategy to recruit existing provider participation and solicit new provider participation into the Al-Impics games.
  • Engage with SAPC treatment providers through frequent correspondence informing them of the upcoming event through email, Facebook, provider meeting announcements and other communication methods to increase participation
  • Coordinate the development of the written registration forms using past registration packet language and including new language disclosing all participation instructions, rights, responsibilities and waivers. Solicit the expertise of the former Al-Impics Coordinators (consultant) to assist with written draft of the registration packet.
  • Manage the organization and administration of registration fees for event participation. A participation entry fee to be established, collected, and assigned towards the purchase of goods (i.e. event t-shirt, event towels, event conveniences designated for participating athletes. (SAPC will determine the amount of the registration fee)
  • Assemble, distribute and maintain participant registration packets, and ensure collection of all required forms pertaining to insurance and waivers
  • Solicit the sponsorship/donations from organizations to provide food donations to the event for all participating athletes and volunteers.
  • Recruit and coordinate on-site volunteer participation for each sporting event, activity stations and parking areas, through engaging the planning committee and participating providers.
  • Procure event, staging, services, supplies and equipment to include but not limited to:

-venue that complies with contract requirements

-staging and platforms

-Sound system and staff

-DJ music and/or live entertainment (i.e. the LA Sparks, dance troops,                   etc.)

-sporting equipment (balls, nets, whistles, flags, etc.)

-competitive board & card games

-scoring materials (for each individual sport event)

-judging materials/ Kids Zone area to include tents, jumpers, activities, etc.

-Photography services

-Filming/Video Recording services

-portable bathrooms

-sports officials and coordinators (professional referees)

-on site police, fire (EMT), first aid and security staff (sheriff)

-trophies and awards for each athletic event and category

-printed event program

-print marketing materials

-volunteer t-shirts or alternate

  1. Event Implementation
  • Plan and draft the event’s complete agenda with SAPC lead staff and collaborate on entertainment, emcee, special guest participation and SAPC staff volunteers, media schedules, and photo-op coverage of the event.
  • Organize all sports
  • events and social games, to include but not limited to:

-Opening and Closing Ceremonies

-Volleyball tournament (men and women)

-Track and field (women, men, teen); 50, 100, 440-yard dash & relay

-Basketball tournament

-Weightlifting (men and women) flyweight, lightweight, welterweight,                 middleweight, light heavyweight, heavyweight

-Table games: backgammon, dominoes, spades, chess, pinochle, table tennis

– Face painting and other games for children

-Other community and informational booths and resources (i.e.               Department of Mental Health, Public Social Services, Prop 47 Legal          Clinic, Employment Dept., etc.)

  • Implement sporting event activities and agenda with SAPC lead staff, including coordinating and troubleshooting on the schedule and flow of the entertainment, emcee, as well as celebrity and special guest speakers. Coordinate all event media coverage outlined in the public relations plan (i.e. interviews and photo ops with celebrities, SAPC staff, other LA County officials, etc.).


  1. Post Event Reports and Invoicing
  • Schedule a post-event planning committee meeting to debrief (i.e. discuss challenges and success for future planning).
  • Draft and post (with SAPC approval) information/photos on identified social media platforms, within 5 business days after the September 2019 event.
  • Provide a written programmatic and fiscal evaluation of the 2019 Al-Impics to include an evaluation of the event, final cost allocations, and provide recommendations for subsequent years as outlined in the SAPC provide template.
  • Provide all deliverables no later than the Completion Date stipulated in the Scope of Work, unless otherwise determined by SAPC, including before and after the date of the event. Failure to provide all deliverables by the Completion Date may result in the withholding of payment.
  • Invoice SAPC for approved contracted services rendered, based on budget and approved costs, by the 10th of each subsequent month, in which costs are incurred or reimbursement is requested.


Due Date:

December 17


Justin Ong, Assistant Contract Analyst

County of Los Angeles – Department of Public Health

Contracts and Grants Division

1000 South Fremont Ave., Unit #101

Bldg. A-9 East, 5th Floor North

Alhambra, CA 91803

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