Major Arkansas County Wants Rebranding Assistance


Pulaski County, Arkansas is seeking a marketing and public relations agency to provide re-branding services to Pulaski County. Pulaski County is the largest county in Arkansas – and includes Little Rock, which is also Arkansas’s capital and largest city.

The scope of services sought includes:

  • Conduct audit of current brand
  • County Logos
  • Master logo: Pulaski County
  • Sub-brand logos for all Pulaski County departments.   Must demonstrate connection to Pulaski County master logo. These  logos  brand  the individual departments:
  1. Administrative Services
  2. Community Services
  3. Coroner
  4. Juvenile Services
  5. Youth Services
  6. Public Works
  7. County Attorney
  • Create the Pulaski County Seal
  • Produce a 30-second commercial introducing the new brand concept
  • Supported brand package materials
  • Fonts, color palettes, letterhead, memo, brochure, Pulaski County brand advertisements, banners and template for e-newsletter
  • Provide a brand identity standards guide
  • Assist with brand launch

Proposals are due by March 17, 2016 and should be submitted to: Vicki Atchley, (501)340-8390 or email:


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