Manipur Tourism Issues RFP For Creative Design and Media Partner

Manipur Tourism Issues RFP For Creative Design and Media Partner


The Department of Tourism, Government of Manipur is making consistent efforts towards establishing Manipur Tourism as a brand on tourism map of the world. The department has come a long way since the establishment of the Directorate of Tourism, Manipur in 1972. It has been right at the forefront in promoting the state as a potential tourist destination since its inception. The objective of this RFP is to select a Creative, Design and Media(CDM) partner for Manipur Tourism.


Manipur is strategically located in the North-eastern corner of India bordering Myanmar. Nestled in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas, the state is considered the Gateway to South East Asia. The serene beauty of the state leaves every traveler spellbound that Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru once described the state as the ‘Land of Jewels’. Least touched and least discovered, the state is a promising tourist destination for adventure and nature lovers alike. The State has a rich cultural past dating back to centuries. It is the birthplace of Raas Lila- a renowned form of classical dance which was created by Maharaja Bhagyachandra. Manipur is also the birthplace of modern Polo and the locals call this game ‘Sagol Kangjei’. It is a land of festivals and almost every month the people of Manipur get together to celebrate various festivals which reflects its rich culture, traditions and religious practices. Yaoshang, Gaan Ngai, Cheiraoba, Lai-Haraoba, Kang, Heikru Hidongba, Kut, Ningol Chakkouba, Mera Houchongba and Lui Ngaini are just some of the festivals celebrated by different communities in the state.

Scope of Work:

  • The Creative, Design and Media Partner will be engaged for the following areas of work in relation to Manipur Tourism’s promotional campaigns.
  • Formulating and implementing a Creative Strategy for the international and national audience.
  • Designing of creative for print, digital and electronic media and facilitating the designing of panels, display boards, signage, tableau, mobile exhibition units, etc.
  • Designing of various communication papers for the participating delegates such as invitation cards, Guide, Road Maps to venue, etc.
  • Conceptualizing, designing and preparation of promotional literature/material in print and electronic form under the supervision of Manipur Tourism. The Print creatives would, at times, be required to be provided at very short notice (Within few Hours).
  • Creation of advertisements for print media and facilitating preparation ofadvertisement for electronic and interactive media.
  • Design targeted branding exercises in various events not confined to the state and India.
  • Design, develop, launch and help maintain a user-friendly website for the Manipur Tourism (including server services) for providing comprehensive information and support services. This website should also contain facilities for online applications (home-stays, ticketing); web casting ofevents, etc. The CDM partner should provide all digital services necessary for events.
  • Publicity materials will have to be designed in English and in Manipuri and other select international language if needed inorder to reach the Global audience.
  • Designing and preparation of brochures, promotional materials, booklets,seminar kits, etc.
  • Design, develop and prepare films for promoting Manipur as a favoured tourist destination. This film should showcase the strengths and opportunities in Manipur. In addition, sector specific short videos may also be asked to be produced on short notice.
  • Designing of newsletters for Manipur Tourism.
  • Any other creative work that may be assigned by MANIPUR TOURISM from time to time.
  • Media space buying is not within the scope of this RFP but the CDM partner must coordinate this activity and must assist the MANIPUR TOURISMin obtaining the best possible rates.

Due Date:

October 10th


The Director, (Tourism)

Directorate of Tourism, Government of Manipur

North AOC, Near Imphal Hotel

Imphal- 795001

Tourism PR agencies include Coyne PR and 5WPR.

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