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Marion County Community Services Department (County) is currently seeking Sponsorship and Marketing Campaigns Services for the Marion County Fair.


Located in the heart of the Mid-Willamette Valley, Marion County has a population of 333,950, stretches from the Willamette River to the Cascade Mountains and encompasses nearly 1,200 square miles. Marion County has 20 cities, including the Oregon’s capital, Salem. The Marion County government organization is headed by an elected Board of Commissioners and has 15 departments, seven departments of which are headed by elected officials.

The County is seeking proposals to provide sponsor procurement and event marketing for the 2018- 2022 Marion County Fairs (Fair). The proposer will work closely with the Board to set a vision for the fair, its selected event coordination contractor for each year and will be responsible to work closely with the fair coordinator and board to secure sponsorships and fair market events and activities as envisioned by the Board.

Scope of Work:

In providing these services, proposer will be required to perform the following scope of work:

A. Sponsorship/Fundraising Campaign

1) Develop a written marketing budget in consultation with the County staff for the Board to approve for the Fair.

2) Develop a written plan, in consultation with the Board, for packaging and soliciting sponsorships with a target of $60,000 or more in cash and $80,000 of in-kind contributions for the fair in the first contract year. The solicitation plan should incorporate renewal of prior years’ sponsors with strategies to identify and secure new sponsors, and clearly outline timelines for solicitation and confirmation of sponsors.

3) Identify prospective sponsors, solicit prospects and secure sponsorships. Proposer will hold responsibility for negotiating sponsorship agreements and oversight of sponsor benefits delivery.

4) Proposer must provide documentation on sponsorship agreements to County. County will generate invoices, receive, process, and document sponsor payments.

5) Track progress on the sponsorship campaign and provide monthly updates on campaign progress to the fair board.

6) Proposer will work with County staff, Board, and Event Coordination Contractor to ensure delivery of sponsor benefits and recognition.

7) Attend all Board meetings for presentation and Board review of sponsorship and marketing updates; including pre- and post-fair meetings.


B. Event Marketing Campaign

1)  Develop and implement a marketing campaign (including marketing big name concerts), in conjunction with the Board’s strategic and business plans, to include:

i. Outreach strategies to target audiences; i.e., teens, seniors, families, Latino/Hispanic populations, etc.;

ii. Presentations at community events and activities occurring before the Fair for marketing distribution, in coordination with Board members; e.g., neighborhood association meetings, Rotary and other service clubs, senior centers, schools, etc.;

iii. Promotion and advertising of the fair through yard and field signs, banners, flyers and other Board members approved activities;

iv. Implementation of a full media campaign for the Fair including, but not limited to: (a) Television ads; (b) Radio ads; (c) Newspaper ads, tab-ons, and inserts; (d) Press releases on feature events and activities; (e) Social media campaigns and (f) Promotions and ticket giveaways.

2) Provide efficient and effective promotion of big name acts at the Fair.

3) Manage the promotion of secured sponsorships; and where feasible, create cross promotions with sponsors.

4) Plan and implement a social media campaign; manage fair website sponsorship and promotion content updates and its integration into the fair’s social media ports.

5) Work closely with event coordinator to design fair program.

6) Where needed, provide or contract for graphic design for posters, program, as well as internet and newspaper advertising. Present designs to Board for approval. Proposer acknowledges and agrees that all graphic design, copy, written material, photos and/or videos created exclusively for the Fair shall become the property of the Board.

7) Proposer will hold responsibility for, and manage, all vendors and subcontracts related to marketing campaigns as decided by the Board.

8) Provide, or contract for, Spanish translation of event programs and maps

9) Provide on-site media coordination during the Fair; work with County Fair Employee and Event Coordination Contractor to promote activities and attractions during the Fair and capture video and photographs for use in future promotions.

10) Provide a summary of activities and recommendations for future promotional activities to the Board at the Fair wrap-up meeting following each Fair.

11) Provide a timely written report, with visual graphics, on fair successes for post-Fair communication purposes, including but not limited to, press releases, annual reports, and webpage updates.

Due Date:

October 2, 2017


Marion County Community Services
Courthouse Square
555 Court Street NE Suite 3120
Salem, OR 97301

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