Market Research RFP Issued By Kentucky Lottery Corporation

Market Research RFP Issued By Kentucky Lottery Corporation


The purpose of this Request for Proposals is for the Kentucky Lottery Corporation (KLC) to enter into one or more contracts for Market Research Services.


The KLC was created as a “de jure municipal corporation and political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Kentucky” pursuant to KRS 154A.010, et seq. The KLC currently employs approximately 160 employees with its corporate offices and warehouse operations located at 1011 West Main Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40202. The KLC also has four regional offices located throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky

The Kentucky Lottery has engaged in consumer tracking on various metrics for over 15 years. The current study has been running about seven years. The goal of this continuous study is to survey a representative sample of Kentuckians on their attitudes and playership of the Kentucky Lottery and its game products. The study continuously tracks usage and attitude measures among Kentuckians 18+ who are not  morally  opposed  to  the  Lottery. The sample is representative of the KY population, with quotas on Age, Gender, Race and Income. In FY17, the KLC changed the report deliverable from a lengthy quarterly report, to a quarterly scorecard for each game.

Each quarter, the study collects at least 1000 responses. This sample is balanced according to the Kentucky census on 5 factors: age, gender, race, income and geographic location in Kentucky.

Currently, the key metrics covered in this survey are:

  • Awareness of advertising and games
  • Overall and specific lottery game playership
  • Frequency of play and purchase habits
  • Relative spend on lottery
  • Gaming behaviors and attitudes
  • Beneficiary awareness (Where the money goes)
  • Awareness of Play Responsibly logos
  • Retail environment (monitors, winner awareness, POS)
  • Fun Club membership
  • Demographics of game players

All Sales analysis would continue to be conducted in-house, but a new vendor would likely take on a majority of the Consumer Research (Focus Groups, Tracking Study, Segmentation). The information is used to evaluate the effectiveness of our marketing and sales programs as well as to ensure that the player’s voice is heard as we develop new games and experiences. We take very seriously our mission to provide the most fun and responsible games for Lottery players in Kentucky and consumer tracking is a big part of monitoring how well we are doing. The goal of this RFP is to enter into one or more contracts with Market Research organizations to continue the KLC’s ongoing Consumer Tracking Survey and to provide other optional Market Research Services on an on-going and as-needed basis.

Scope of Work:

  1. Ongoing Consumer Tracking Study
  2. Tracking Study. All Offerors must propose a detailed plan and methodology (including any software components) for providing a quantitative research program that continually monitors (tracks) Kentucky Lottery player attitudes, game and program awareness, and behaviors with respect to the Kentucky Lottery and related entertainment activities for both playing and non-playing adults with a response level that is statistically significant, and report back to the KLC on a quarterly basis. This should be a data-driven approach to developing a list, ranked based on a variety of criteria to include at a minimum:
  3. Corporate Image/Lottery perceptions, values, objections, expectations and overall opinion;
  4. Brand awareness and image;
  5. Game awareness (aided and unaided);
  6. Game play/participation (differentiate by price point where appropriate);
  7. Game cross-play recency, frequency and spend;
  8. Message awareness and affinity;
  9. Winner Awareness;
  10. Where the Money Goes Awareness;
  11. In-store awareness (POS and signage);
  12. Advertising awareness and affinity (ad recall);
  13. Track changes and shifts in statistics for “morally opposed”; and
  14. Other (seasonal or special feedback we want to gather).


1. The tracking Study plan and methodology must include, at a minimum, the following deliverables which shall be provided by the Successful Offeror:

  1. Questionnaire/survey development and maintenance;
  2. Programming and data collection, include integration of current and past data we’ve collected;
  3. Analysis;
  4. Monthly executive summary of select key metrics such as awareness, calling out trends to watch;
  5. Quarterly executive summary PowerPoint;
  6. Quarterly review by conference call/web ex/ skype with key stakeholders including product management team and advertising agencies;
  7. Quarterly data tables and cross tabs; and
  8. Annual in-person Executive PowerPoint presentation for President and CEO and members of the Senior Team.

Other Requirements:

As part of its Proposal for the Tracking Study, each Offeror must include the following:

1. Recommend length of tracking study, include a sample questionnaire;

2. Plan for up to 6-12 changes in the questionnaire, annually, in response to market shifts, game dynamics, sales and marketing efforts, etc;

  1. Proposed sampling size (KY Population is 4.4M);
  2. Quarterly and / or Annual cost of scope; and
  3. Sample presentation(s) or demonstrations for all executive summaries and reporting the KLC would receive.

Additional Optional Market Research Services:

Additional research will be required on an ad-hoc basis. Therefore, each Offeror must briefly describe the optional market research service it can provide, which may include, without limitation, the following:

  1. Bi-annual retailer study
  2. Focus groups
  3. Online Journaling or Bulletin Boards
  4. Segmentation Study
  5. Consumer Journey

Due Date:

April 6th, 2018




LOUISVILLE KY 40202-2623


PR firms who have done lottery work include MWWPR and Coyne PR.

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