Marketing and Communication Services for the Cannabis Licensing Program

PROPOSAL DUE DATE * 4/10/2024 @ 4:00 PM EST


email to  or call (313) 224-4600

LIINK: file:///C:/Users/cbettencourt/


The City of Detroit Office of Contracting and Procurement (OCP) on behalf of its Office of the

Civil Rights, Inclusion, and Opportunity Department requests proposals from qualified firms to

provide marketing and communications services to bring awareness and understanding to its new

Adult-Use marijuana licensing program for social equity applicants.


The City of Detroit passed an Adult-Use Marijuana Ordinance. We are looking for marketing consultants to provide weekly strategic plans to ensure that social equity applicants are aware of all opportunities, resources, and changes to the Adult-Use Marijuana ordinance. We need event planning, social media outreach, and networking events to be planned and organized. Business

Planning Assistance.


If a contract is awarded as a result of this RFP, it will be a City of Detroit Professional Services Contract (Attachment E). The term of the contract will be for two years effective only after the approval of the Detroit City Council and signed by the Chief Procurement Officer. The City anticipates one award as a result of the RFP.

Section 2. Statement of Work


Integrated Marketing and Communication Agency:

1. Public Relations (PR) Strategy and Execution:

• Formulate strategic PR plans aligning with the Office of Marijuana Ventures (“OMVE”)’s vision, goals, and key initiatives.

• Execute targeted PR campaigns to enhance community engagement and public awareness.

• Conduct media outreach to local and national outlets, curate press materials, and manage press events.

• Monitor, measure, and report on PR outcomes to ensure effectiveness and adapt strategies as needed.

2. Graphic Design for Print and Digital Media:

• Provide comprehensive graphic design services, ensuring brand consistency across all materials.

• Create visually engaging designs for print media, including brochures, posters, and billboards.

• Design digital assets for websites, social media, email campaigns, and online advertisements.

3. Video Production for Marketing and Documentary Purposes:

• Develop and produce creative and historical video content to support marketing campaigns.

• Plan and execute the filming of a documentary that captures the history of cannabis legalization in Detroit and features current Detroit resident social equity licensees,

• Handle post-production tasks including editing, sound design, and final delivery of high-quality video content.

4. Event Planning and Management:

• Conceptualize and coordinate events, from initial planning to execution.

• Manage logistics, including venue selection, vendor contracts, and on-site coordination.

• Design promotional strategies to ensure successful event turnout and coverage.

• Provide comprehensive post-event analysis to gauge success and inform future events.

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