Marketing for pet products

With an increase in animal ownership, more people are looking to buy food and toys for their pets. The increase in pet product buying has also resulted in more consumers moving online to purchase items for their pets. There are some proven marketing strategies that can be used to reach more pet owners, and to sell more pet products and services. Given below are five ways to effectively market pet products.

1) Identify the target audience – It is important to understand audiences deeply, including what motivates them and what levels of disposable income they have. This knowledge should influence every marketing decision a company makes, including the look and feel of their promotions. Researching local demographics is useful for identifying and learning about target audiences. The fact that pets are increasingly being thought of as family members is great news for companies in the pet industry.

2) Collaboration – Effective collaboration allows pet companies to set prices lower, and to implement successful  promotional strategies for their products. The initial step in launching a collaboration is to identify pet care professionals in the area; professionals like dog walkers, vets, and dog day care workers . For example, dog daycares can display ads for pet products as part of a collaboration. This can be taken a step further by offering a discount or  coupon for the customers of both businesses . Pet-related businesses can also collaborate with businesses that are not directly related to the pet industry. For instance, a manufacturer of dog beds can partner with a furniture specialist. A manufacturer that’s well-known for designing pet clothes can partner with a company that sells laundry products.

3) Partnerships with pet influencers – Partnerships with pet influencers are a great way for pet companies to draw in social media traffic. Some pet influencers have thousands of followers, and some even have millions. The social media accounts of such influencers can reach and influence people.  Using influencers leads to higher engagement rates for companies. People like to interact with influencer content by commenting, liking, and sharing it. Therefore influencers give businesses an opportunity to communicate with potential customers who actively engage with influencer content. For instance, Coby is a British shorthair dog whose social media accounts have more than a million followers. His following has garnered brand deals and sponsorships.

4) Support pet-related causes – A business can contribute to charities and organizations that champion animal welfare. It can show its support by being present at events hosted by rescue centers. These events are also opportunities to use pet products as giveaways or raffle prizes. Donating to or volunteering at a cause which seems worthy would also bring in returns for a pet company. Businesses can also offer a service that will set it apart. For instance, Ikea Germany offers pet daycare so that pet parents can shop peacefully.

5) Share viral content on social media – The top viral videos almost always include animals. The social media profiles of pet products could share such videos. Content could also be created by the staff or customers. By sharing viral content and encouraging followers to share such content, a brand’s exposure is increased.The content can be cute, featuring fuzzy animals, or it can be informative, and educate pet owners on how to properly care for their animals. Informative videos also give  pet owners the impression that the brand itself cares for their special friend.

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