Marketing Happiness to the Masses

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After witnessing the rise of content marketing, digital PR, and integrated PR, marketing and public relations professionals recently turned to a new strategy to reach their target market. These experts and brands they work for plan to capitalize on marketing happiness to the masses.

Brands believe that by associating the achievement of happiness with the ownership of their goods and the use of their services, customers will turn to them for a better life.

Marketing Experiences

In essence, after decades of marketing ‘lifestyles’, brands now want to market an experience to customers, or more specifically, a mood. For instance, Coca-Cola in 2009 encouraged customers to ‘open happiness’ and Hershey promised to ‘put a smile on your face.’

However, marketing the experience of happiness to customers goes far beyond just slogans. Apple, for instance, markets happiness through the feeling of prestige and superiority associated with the use and ownership of the brand.

Happy Customers

So, to market happiness to the masses, brands usually turn to happy customers. Brands want to not only find happy customers, they also want to create them. More brands than ever now focus on their relationships with customers, through great customer service, and relating to them on social media.

More happy customers mean free, good PR through word of mouth, and fewer bad reviews and criticisms plastered all over social media. It also means brands can count on the continued support of customers and fans, even when faced with hardships.

Happy Employees

To keep customers happy, more brands begin to realize that this starts with happy employees who go the extra mile to ensure customers get what they want when they want it. As a result, more companies now invest in great compensation packages and perks for employees to keep them happy, motivated, and productive.

This does not always mean higher pay rates. It can mean less expensive perks like flexible schedules, great work environments, recognition for outstanding achievements, training opportunities, and employee discounts.

Happy Communities

To further the goal of marketing happiness, companies reach outside the business to create happy communities in the areas they operate, through corporate responsibility. This might mean allowing employees to take time off to volunteer, sponsoring local sports teams or assisting residents by lobbying for change or better infrastructure.

Operating a business in happy communities also results in less friction in the area. This makes businesses and their employees feel safer and more at ease. It also reduces the likelihood of negative interactions with the public at large.

Some businesses are in a much better position to market happiness than others. However, through great customer service, corporate responsibility, and high-quality offerings, businesses can build a sense of happiness around their brand, for consumers.

About Ronn Torossian

Ronn Torossian is the Founder and CEO of 5W Public Relations. He is an experienced leader in the public relations industry with over 20 years of experience. Ronn Torossian has been named as Public Relations executive of the year by the American Business Awards, and has run countless award-winning Public Relations programs.

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