Submitting Proposal Please submit your proposal via e-mail to Dorothy P. Guzzo, Executive Director of the New Jersey Historic Trust at if interested in entering into a Professional Services Contract Agreement with the Trust.

All proposals are due in the office of the New Jersey Historic Trust, by 3pm on November 23

Background The New Jersey Historic Trust (NJHT) is in but not of the Department of Community Affairs. Its mission is to advance historic preservation through education, stewardship and financial investment programs that save our heritage and strengthen our communities. In addition to its role as the primary provider of bricks and mortar grants to NJ’s historic properties, the Trust also administers the heritage tourism grant program and heritage tourism website Journey Through Jersey. Home | Journey Through Jersey. 

Summary The Historic Trust seeks to promote through a targeted marketing campaign across digital media to reach a broad audience and promote heritage tourism in the state of New Jersey. The Historic Trust seeks a marketing/advertising consultant with five or more years of demonstrated expertise in content development, creative marketing, and managing a strategic advertising campaign with proven results of a significantly increased return on marketing investment. The successful consultant/team will propose a Statement of Work (SOW) that outlines your digital strategy, including research and analytics, pre- and post-launch data analytics, design approach, project milestones, performance strategy, account management plan, as well as a plan for long-term promotion and performance monitoring. Please note that the campaign does not require re-branding. The selected Consultant will, in accordance with the directions from staff and subject to approval of the Executive Director of the Trust, perform such services as are set forth below.

Scope of Work 

During the term of the contract the Consultant will perform the following professional consulting services related to campaign management, in addition to other services/deliverables as determined.

1. Research and Analytics/Pre-campaign 

a. Marketing intelligence gathering 

b. Industry standards 

c. Data technology, research, and analysis 

d. Industry analysis 

e. Identifying potential resources 

f. Identifying audience target groups 

2.Digital Strategy 

a. Social media 

b. Social display 

c. Sponsored Content 

d. Seasonal travel/tourism guides 

e. Identify promotional partnerships/opportunities 

3. Creative Content Development 

a. Write and develop creative promotional content 

b. Design display creatives (Social media ads, static images, GIFs, Photo motion, etc.)

c. Create landing pages 

4. Set Up and Launch Marketing Campaign 

a. Optimize launch across multiple platforms 

b. Track all aspects of launch 

5. Performance Analysis and Reporting/Post-launch 

a. Target baselines 

b. Impression tracking 

c. Review achievements 

6. Campaign Management

a. Timeline 

b. Budget 

c. Pre-launch agenda 

d. Meetings 

e. Milestones 

f. Post-launch analysis

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