Marketing RFP For Revitalization Specialist

Agency mission: 

To facilitate the creation, retention and expansion of jobs and to increase investment through public/private partnerships to establish a stable, diversified economy to improve the quality of life for New Mexico citizens. 

Agency goals and objectives: 

§ To increase the number of sustainable “asset-based” jobs in NM

§ New job creation should increase the average wage in the region

§ Increase the tax base and investment in New Mexico to accommodate and create economic activity in both rural and urban areas

§ To increase investment in quality infrastructure Agency Description: The New Mexico Economic Development Department is an agency of the State of New Mexico. It employs approximately 65 people with Divisions in Economic Development, Research, Marketing, Film, Science & Tech, and International Trade. NMMS Mission: The New Mexico MainStreet Program fosters economic development in the state by supporting local MainStreet revitalization organizations and their work in downtowns and the adjacent neighborhoods. The Program provides resources, education, training and services that preserve and enhance the built environment, local historic culture and heritage and stimulate the economic vitality of each participating community. 

NMMS goals and objectives: 

New Mexico MainStreet Program works with its local Projects to implement successfully the “Main Street Four-Point Approach®” through:

· Design – Enhancing the unique visual quality of downtown by addressing all design elements.

· Promotion – Creating and marketing a positive image based on the unique attributes of the downtown district.

· Economic Vitality/Positioning- Strengthening downtown’s existing economic assets and fulfilling its broadest market potential.

· Organization – Establishing consensus and cooperation by building effective partnerships among all stakeholders.

Location of office: 

The New Mexico MainStreet Program office is located within the Economic Development Department, Joseph M. Montoya Building, 1100 South St. Francis Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87505-4147. 2

Description of analysis or preparatory work completed prior to procurement:

Based on assessments and evaluations conducted by the National Main Street Center in 2016 with NMMS staff, the Director, Local Executive Directors and Presidents, recommendations based on the “Main Street Four-Point Approach®” were made to the Program on appropriate staffing. Recommendations addressed current funding levels and the number of affiliated local Certified Projects (30 MainStreet, 12 Arts & Cultural Districts, 28 Frontier, 8 Historic Theaters). The comprehensive annual NMMS budget that addresses all contract positions was submitted to the Division Manager, of which this contract is one element. Job descriptions and scope of work are based on the requirements of the “Main Street FourPoint Approach®,” and benchmarks and performance measures as established by the Economic Development Department and the National Main Street Center, Inc.

Scope of Work:

The Agency reserves the option of renewing the initial contract(s) on an annual basis for three additional years or any portion thereof for the purpose of a MainStreet Graphic Design & Marketing Revitalization Specialist. In no case will the contract(s), including all renewals thereof, exceed a total of four years in duration. The resulting contract will be a single award. This procurement will result in a contractual agreement between two parties; the procurement may ONLY be used by those two parties exclusively.

The Economic Development Department has assigned a Procurement Manager who is responsible for the conduct of this procurement whose name, address, telephone number and email address are listed below: Name: Julie Blanke, Procurement Manager Telephone: (505) 753-8860 Email:

Due Date:

June 25, 2020


Name: Julie Blanke, Procurement Manager Telephone: (505) 753-8860 Email:

Finn Partners and Ruder Finn are agencies worth considering for this assignment.

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