Marketing RFP Issued By Duluth International Airport

Proposals Due: May 25, 2023


Specific categories for marketing and advertising services include but are not limited to:

1. Marketing Plan Development 

2. Advertising and Marketing Services

3. Creative Development 

4. Social Media Services

5. Website Maintenance and Content Management 6. Campaign Management, Metrics and Reporting

The scope of services will be performed as requested by the Airport at various times throughout the duration of our partnership. The scope of services will include but is not limited to the


  1. Marketing Plan Development

• An overview of the Airport’s current identity and position in the local community.

• Target audiences, the message to be communicated, and measurable goals to be achieved within the specified timeframe.

• Assist in the development of digital and traditional media strategies.

B. Advertising and Marketing Services

• Develop data-driven strategic traditional and digital campaigns in collaboration with DAA to reach the target market accurately.

• Develop programs and strategies in collaboration with the DAA to ensure effective, accurate and consistent communication with community stakeholders, tenants, users, industry partners, employees and others.

• Assist with special events and promotions planning and coordination.

• Conduct opinion polling and market surveys.

C. Creative Development

• Assist in writing copy, blog posts, articles, and press releases on a variety of Airport events, projects, and activities.

• Provide creative development of collateral pieces, such as newsletters, annual reports, or similar written compilations, as directed by the Authority.

• Develop traditional and digital advertisements as directed by the Authority.

D. Social Media Services

• Assist with promoting the DAA’s social media presence, maximizing influence and reach.

• Coordinate scheduling and posting of organic social content.

• Assist with generating and maintaining content for DAA social media accounts to engage with the public.

• Provide analytics and opportunities for improvement.

E. Website Maintenance and Content Management

• Manage website design including graphics, layout, navigation and media integration.

• Host, develop and maintain content.

• Provide analytics related to traffic of website pages and other hosted digital media with benchmarks and recommendations for optimizing relevant content.

• Provide technical and regulatory management and updates for the Airport’s website.

F. Campaign Management and Reporting

• Manage, monitor, and adjust campaigns to ensure target audiences are being reached.

• Track campaigns, provide analytics and recommend opportunities for improvement based on data collected.

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