Marketing RFP Issued By Eastern Washington University

Eastern Washington University (“EWU”) is initiating this Request for Proposals (RFP) to solicit Proposals from firms interested in providing creative and/or media buying services for EWU’s Division of University Relations. EWU Profile EWU is a regional, comprehensive public university located in Cheney and Spokane, Washington. EWU offers 100+ majors, 150+ areas of study, 39 master’s degrees, 20 graduate certificates, 60 graduate programs, and 2 applied doctorates to more than 10,000 enrolled students. Mission: EWU expands opportunities for personal transformation through excellence in learning. Core Themes

1. Access

2. Learning

3. Completion

Institutional Strategic Plan

1. IGNITE Change

2. EMBRACE Equity and Social Justice

3. DRIVE Innovation


University Relations

The University Relations division includes the Office of Alumni Relations and the Office of Marketing and Communications (MarCom) and is part of the University Advancement unit. The mission of University Relations is to inform and engage by increasing awareness of EWU, helping shape and enhance EWU’s image and advance its objectives among all of its constituencies through integrated, strategic communications, and fostering relationships with alumni and the community. MarCom develops strategies, maintains standards, and produces a wide range of communications in support of key EWU priorities and initiatives, including fundraising, brand marketing, external visibility, internal awareness, and student enrollment and retention. The creative team includes a graphic design staff of two designers, two multimedia specialists (primary focus is video and photography production), and a digital team to assist with web strategy.


Contractors may submit a Proposal for one or both of the below Service Categories. EWU reserves the right to award a separate Contract for each Service Category or a single Contract for both Service Categories.


1. Gain value from an outside, experienced perspective in implementing marketing and brand-positioning campaigns.

2. Supplement EWU’s creative team with expertise, fresh ideas, and possible design templates.

Services will be related but not limited to EWU’s brand positioning campaign in support of recruitment, retention, and fundraising. The initiative includes an updated messaging platform drawing upon the strengths established by EWU’s 140-year commitment to transforming student’s lives and the communities they serve across the globe. As EWU grows and adapts to the needs of an ever-changing economy and workforce, the need to better align its messaging and more clearly define its academic identity is critical. The Contractor will work closely with the University Relations team in the implementation effort tied to the newly developed image campaign in support of EWU’s mission. Two primary goals of the brand refresh initiative are:

1. Inspiring enhanced alumni, donor, and community leader engagement with EWU; and

2. Driving and sustaining student enrollment

Media Buying

1. Realize cost efficiencies in media buying (and all related activities such as vendor management, media billing, contract negotiations, etc.).

2. Utilize both traditional and non-traditional advertising approaches for making a broad public impact and reaching difficult target audiences, such as prospective traditional students and their parents, prospective non-traditional students, alumni, and donors.

3. Act as an extension of the University Relations team, representing EWU to the highest professional standard when finding, building, and retaining relationships with external media outlets and advertising partners.

Services will be aligned with EWU’s paid marketing efforts to identify and purchase ad space on channels that are relevant to target audiences at the optimal time, for the best-possible value, in support of recruitment, retention, and fundraising. The Contractor will work closely with the University Relations team in marketing efforts in support of EWU’s mission and strategic initiatives.


The RFP Coordinator is the sole point of contact in EWU for this solicitation. All communication between the Contractor and EWU upon release of this RFP shall be with the RFP Coordinator, as follows:

Name Lindsay McKay

Email Address

Mailing Address EWU Procurement & Contracts 218 Tawanka Hall Cheney, WA 99004-2456

Phone Number (509) 359-6055

Fax Number (509) 359-7984


The Proposal must be received by the RFP Coordinat orno later than 3:00 p.m., Pacific Time, in Cheney, Washington, on April 15, 2022.

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