Submission Deadline:

Tuesday, June 7, 2022, prior to 3:30PM

SUBMISSIONS MUST BE DELIVERED to the Purchasing Department, 600 S. Commerce Avenue.,

Sebring, FL 33870 to reach said office no later than 3:30 P.M., Tuesday, June 7, 2022, at which time

they will be opened. Responses may be submitted by one of the following methods:

・ Electronic submission to the County website, linking to in

one all-inclusive adobe file. File name is to be in the following format: 22-015-Proposer Name


・ Hard Copy submission in a sealed and marked package. Affix the supplied “Sealed Solicitation Label”

with the name of the Proposer, solicitation number, and title to the exterior of the package so as to identify

the enclosed response. A hard copy response is to include the following: all-inclusive identical paper

copies, one (1) original paper copy (signed in blue ink), of the response, and one (1) all-inclusive original,

electronic copy (Thumb drive) of the original response.

1. Introduction/Background:

1.1. Visit Sebring is the destination marketing organization managed by the Highlands County Tourist

Development Council (TDC). The mission of the TDC is to contribute to a positive quality of life for

the residents of Highlands County through destination promotion, tourism development, advocacy,

and resource management – which are foundation pieces for future economic growth.

2. Purpose:

2.1. Visit Sebring/TDC has been less engaged in digital marketing efforts for the last two years due to

the COVID-19 pandemic. The Tourism division recognizes that digital marketing efforts must be

ramped up now that more leisure travel is occurring.

2.2. Content storytelling coupled with digital marketing will help us quickly gain the interest of

consumers looking for an authentic destination with much to offer.

2.3. Digital Marketing Objectives

2.3.1. Promoting greater awareness of Sebring’s diverse experiences year-round to potential


2.3.2. Generate high-quality leads and interest in trip-planning information, and

2.3.3. Provide monitoring and reporting mechanisms to measure effectiveness and efficiency of

the program.

Project Scope and Guidelines:

3.1. Visit Sebring is seeking through this request for proposal a vendor to develop destination

marketing, social media, SEO/SEM and digital advertising campaigns, positioning Sebring as a

premier destination of choice among our target audiences.

3.2. The vendor will assist with content creation and engage people with that content via unique digital

marketing efforts. The vendor must also be able to distribute and promote the created content

through various mediums such as social media platforms and media outlets. Vendor will be

responsible for all ad creative and design, and TDC requires full monthly reporting from a dedicated

staff member to ensure success of the campaign. The proposal should address how strategies will

be implemented, how objectives will be measured and how specific tactics will be used to begin to

build a stronger presence for Visit Sebring in the digital tourism marketplace.

3.3. The vendor will address their approach to five key areas of digital marketing:

3.3.1. Content Storytelling & Amplification

Visit Sebring/Highlands County TDC desires to create a unique content marketing strategy

that features original stories written by various sources to engage new audiences and

inspire travel to Sebring/Highlands County. Content Creation – specifically destination stories Distribution of content to outlets and optimize content

3.3.2. Prospecting and Retargeting Advertisement Display banner ads where specific messages created are served as a method of

prospecting and driving new and return traffic to the website and

any subsequent landing pages. Please note any geotargeting and geofencing

components in your proposal.

3.3.3. Search Engine Marketing/Search Engine Optimization (SEM/SEO) Visit Sebring/Highlands County TDC requires an annual SEM/SEO partner to help

promote the Visit Sebring brand and website to target audiences based on keyword

research to inspire potential visitors in the research, inspiration and booking phases

of travel. A SEO audit may be required.

3.3.4. Social Media Adverting and Influencer Marketing Social media advertising (also known as paid social) will entail running paid ads on

Visit Sebring’s social media channels, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

These can include banner ads as well as native ads and activities like boosting posts

or campaigns. The vendor will have access to Visit Sebring’s Crowdriff account to

assist with user generated content creation. Through influencer marketing, the

vendor will identify pertinent travel and travel-related influencers to help marketing

the Sebring area destination to potential visitors.

3.3.5. Programmatic Marketing Visit Sebring/Highlands County TDC requires a company to create highly targeted

marketing content for very specific demographics, such as age, gender, geolocation,

or even browsing habits.

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