Indiana Scholarships

The Indiana Education Scholarship Account Program (INESA) requests proposals from qualified marketing firms (Providers) who wish to provide marketing services (Services) to help engage, educate, and promote INESA to eligible students and participating entities.

INESA is a program of the State of Indiana, administered and overseen by the Indiana Treasurer of State (TOS). INESA was established in 2021 and is projected to take effect in the 2022-2023 school year.


The Provider shall provide the Services outlined below. The Provider will be expected to provide these services under the control and direction of the Executive Director of INESA (Executive Director).

Detailed information regarding the requirements to be met and the tasks to be performed are provided below and in other Sections throughout this RFP. Providers are encouraged to recommend and include in their Technical Proposals any other services or activities necessary or beneficial to the successful marketing of INESA. These should be included in the Technical Proposal and the Cost Proposal, as applicable, submitted by the Provider. Notwithstanding any other provision hereof, the Provider(s) must be capable of providing the Services required hereunder immediately following INESA’s review and approval of the Comprehensive Marketing Plan.


The Provider shall develop a Comprehensive Marketing Plan for INESA comprised of the areas listed below and shall be responsible for carrying out the concepts provided in the Comprehensive Marketing Plan. The Provider shall develop and perform these activities independently with the INESA Executive Director giving final approval for all published content.

1. General. The Comprehensive Marketing Plan shall include:

• Development and implementation of a central theme which will create a more effectual connection between all of INESA’s marketing materials

• Development and implementation of strategies to market to individuals with disabilities and their families

• Development and implementation of strategies to market to providers of therapies and services to INESA students

• Development and implementation of strategies to market to schools who enroll INESA students

• Development and implementation of the marketing strategies with an emphasis on the times of the year most relevant to INESA’s implementation, such as enrollment deadlines

• Development and implementation for marketing INESA in an ADA Compliant Manner

2. Branding. The Provider shall build awareness of INESA and its brand to support the mission, goals, and objectives of the comprehensive marketing plan. All materials across all mediums will follow INESA’s branding standards.

3. Creative. The Provider shall develop all creative aspects pertaining to the marketing of INESA including digital marketing, social media, radio, public service announcements, print collateral, promotional products, and INESA’s website.

4. Sponsorships And Partnerships. The Provider shall assist with the development of sponsorships and partnerships which are in line with the goals of the Comprehensive Marketing Plan.

5. Media Planning and Buying. The Provider shall research, develop, and execute a media-buying plan. The research shall include media audience, ratings, value-added opportunities such as non-profit bonus spots, on-air interviews, and brochure distribution at selected station events and/or other criteria as determined to be relative to the benefit of INESA.

6. Interactive Marketing Planning and Buying – Web. The Provider shall assist the Executive Director as requested with developing and/or carrying out a comprehensive interactive marketing strategy, which would support the mission, goals, and objectives of the Comprehensive Marketing Plan. This effort should include banner ads, text ads, search terms, social media, website updates, webinars, and videos or podcasts.

7. Community Outreach Support. The Provider shall assist the Executive Director as requested with developing and/or carrying out community outreach, which supports the mission, goals, and objectives outlined in the Comprehensive Marketing Plan. These Services may include, and are not limited to, securing relationships with targeted media, organizations, and/or audiences that can lead to informational seminars or other outreach opportunities, producing relevant signs, banners, posters, or other informational/decorative displays for events, and managing or maintaining social media communication avenues.

8. Reporting. The Provider will prepare a review and/or summary of the effectiveness of INESA’s marketing strategy on a monthly, quarterly, and ad hoc basis at the direction of the Executive Director. These reports will highlight all operational details and account actions, including but not limited to submissions, approvals, rejections, the time it takes to submit, approve or reject, to INESA and make recommendations to improve or enhance future marketing strategies.

9. Meetings. After implementation, the Provider shall meet at least monthly with the Executive Director to review progress, provide necessary guidance to the Executive Director in solving problems that may arise and provide advice and consultation for new initiatives. Meetings may be held at the Provider’s location, INESA’s office, by telephone or virtual means, or any other location in Indiana as determined by the Executive Director.

The Provider must also agree to ad hoc meetings throughout the year at mutually convenient times to address issues or concerns with existing projects; brainstorm new projects and initiatives; or to receive status updates with accurate timelines for ongoing or future projects as directed by the Executive Director.



Jaclyn A. Guglielmo

Executive Director

One North Capitol, Suite 900

Indianapolis, IN 46204

(317) 233-0585

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