The City of Raymore seeks the services of a professional, full-service marketing and graphic design firm to provide services.


In 1960, Raymore’s population was 268. In 1964, Maplewood was platted to become the first subdivision added to the City. Soon to follow were the Bridlecroft and Silver Lake Subdivisions in 1966. By 1970, Raymore’s population had grown to 587. Residential growth continued on a steady pace and by 1980 the City’s population had grown to 3,154. The 1990 census showed Raymore’s population had grown to 5,592. The 1990’s and 2000’s were a time of rapid City growth, with the U.S. Census reporting Raymore’s population at 11,146 in 2000. In 2007, Forbes Magazine identified Raymore as the 52nd fastest growing suburb in the United States. By 2010, the population had swelled to 19,206, an 72% increase since 2000. The 2016 estimated population of Raymore is 20,839.

Scope of Work:

The goal of the graphic design/marketing firm is to assist the City of Raymore in the maintenance and enhancement of an existing visual brand across all our departments, social media content, signage, presentations, marketing materials, brochures, branded products and other visual media.

The selected firm will serve in an on-call capacity for the City for a term of up to three years. This will include developing and designing a variety of promotional and

informational materials consistent with specifications provided by the City. A scope of work and fee will be negotiated with each individual project.


Must develop an understanding of the current brand and must demonstrate the ability to work with varying levels of government departments independently.


The submission package should include:

A. Qualifications and Experience

a. Provide the qualifications and experience of the firm, key project staff and

any sub-consultants, as needed.

b. Include details of the team’s experience working with municipalities and/or

other companies or organizations related to the work of local government.

B. Representative Projects

a. Provide the names and references for a minimum of three (3) similar

projects, including a narrative of the project, project collateral, associated

costs, and contact information for the client.

C. General Project Approach

Firms may be called for interviews following staff review of submittals and prior to final award determination.

Due Date:

December 22


Agencies with relevant experience include Ketchum PR and W2O Group.

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