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A.1. The Contractor shall provide all goods or services and deliverables as required, described, and detailed below and shall meet all service and delivery timelines as specified by this Contract.

A.2. Brand Development. Contractor shall utilize and build upon the existing Time to Raft marketing brand, or develop a new marketing brand, to promote tourism to the Ocoee River and the surrounding region in and around Polk County, Tennessee. It is the State’s goal to increase visitation to, have visitors stay longer at, and spend more time and money rafting the Ocoee River and in the region generally.

Brand development should support these goals and include, but not be limited to: a. The continued development and enhancement of an advertising campaign utilizing a brand and an integrated communications plan for a variety of audiences, along with a method to support, track, and maintain the brand in the promotion of tourism to the Ocoee River and the region generally; and b. Position the brand, and make adjustments or changes to the use of the brand as needed, to benefit the State’s marketing objectives. Contractor shall communicate with the State’s contact in section 

D.2. within thirty (30) days of the Effective Date of this Contract. The State’s contact and Contractor shall collaborate on an agreed-upon timeline for Contractor to present a comprehensive marketing plan to an approved committee of the Ocoee River Recreation and Economic Development Fund Board. 

All requirements for approvals within this Contract will be effectuated by the approved committee. As part of the plan, Contractor shall include measurable and achievable project milestones with estimated dates of completion. All work product pursuant to this Contract shall be deemed the State’s intellectual property. 

A.3. Strategic Planning. Contractor shall provide the following services in support of the brand: a. Research and be knowledgeable of current travel and tourism marketing trends and make recommendations to the State as to how to best promote the Ocoee River and the region generally. 

b. Maintain an understanding of the overall objectives of the State and its prior and current marketing strategies to effectively recommend and implement strong media and creative initiatives.

c. Research and deliver comprehensive marketing analyses of the effectiveness of the State’s advertising campaigns and media purchases implemented during the Contract. Such analysis shall include, but is not limited to, tracking of all advertising and media placement efforts and reporting all such findings to the State.

d. Provide professional advice and make recommendations for the development of marketing strategies and promotional activities to benefit the State’s marketing program.

A.4. Traditional Advertising. Contractor shall perform creative, production, and related traditional advertising services for the State as needed per the Contractor’s approved campaign(s) plans, as described below.

a. Creative services such as concept development; copy writing; art direction; layout and design; video and image collection, production, and editing; graphic design; asset organization and management; and other creative services needed to support, develop, and track the State’s brand and marketing campaign; 

b. Production services capable of supporting all aspects of a given campaign, including but not limited to print design; television spots; radio spots; direct marketing; outdoor advertising design; magazine and other print advertisements; and other forms of production services necessary to support the State’s marketing campaign; and

c. Make adjustments or changes to the campaign as required to meet the State’s marketing objectives.

A.5. Digital Advertising.

a. Contractor shall be responsible for understanding the overall objectives of the State’s digital tourism advertising program to effectively create and produce digital advertising that generates contacts and visitation to the campaign’s website and relevant social media channels.

b. Contractor shall utilize the strategic plan created for digital advertising and provide a high level of expertise in digital marketing management. Services to be provided shall include, but are not limited to: i. Implement a digital tourism promotion advertising concept(s) with: A. art direction; B. layout and design; C. image and video collection (as further described in section A.6.h.); D. graphic design; and E. other production services as requested by the State to support, develop, and maintain such digital advertising campaign(s); ii. Make adjustments or changes to the digital advertising campaign(s) as needed to meet the State’s digital marketing objectives; iii. Integrate social media and user-generated initiatives to develop and maintain the platforms throughout the term of the Contract; iv. Manage and respond to questions or comments posted on social media accounts in a timely fashion. v. Utilize available research to support Contractor’s digital advertising recommendations, subject to the State’s approval; and vi. Render complete marketing analysis as to the effectiveness of the State’s digital advertising campaign(s) implemented during the term of the Contract.

A.6. Media Placement.

a. Contractor shall be responsible for understanding the overall objectives of the State’s marketing programs to effectively recommend and place traditional and digital media that generate visitation to the website, as well as the Ocoee River and the region generally.

b. “Media Buys” may include, but are not limited to, placement of media or advertisements in print media, television media, radio media, online/digital media, or social media. Media Buys also include securing endorsements from marketing influencers, purchasing promotional materials such as apparel and other items intended as gifts, and actors/models needed for photography and videography.

c. Contractor shall provide Media Buys and related services for the State as approved by the State, as needed to effectuate Contractor’s approved campaign(s) plans. The related services shall include, but not be limited to: i. Purchasing traditional and digital media placements in a timely and professional manner to take optimum advantage of discounts, media position, special promotions, and other opportunities which will benefit the State; ii. Travel and lodging fees associated with influencers, media outlets, and journalists; provided that such charges shall be limited by Section C.4. of this Contract; iii. Purchasing agent fees; iv. Coordinating with the State and others, as may be required, to ensure that appropriate production materials are obtained to satisfy media placement requirements in a timely fashion to media vendor(s); v. Providing the State with reports to document the media was placed as requested; providing post-buy analysis and media audits; and implementing change tactics, with the State’s prior approval, as necessary for a given media placement campaign; vi. Conducting and providing research, surveys, and studies as needed to support digital advertising and media placement recommendations and decisions; vii. Media billing and payment to all third parties; viii. Media Buy reporting which shall include, but not be limited to, monthly competitive spend reports, content auditing, and post-buy analysis; ix.

Ad prospecting; 

 4 x. Research; xi. Planning; xii. Negotiating rates; xiii. Negotiating added value; xiv. Maintenance/stewardship of the Media Buy; xv. Fulfillment of the Media Buy; and xvi. Recap of the Media Buy.

d. Following the State’s approval for each Media Buy, including the budget for the Media Buy, Contractor shall negotiate the best possible rates for each Media Buy and negotiate for free media.

e. If the State subsequently reduces a previously approved Media Buy, Contractor shall be entitled to compensation for work performed prior to the Media Buy reduction. Contractor’s additional services shall be payable on an hourly basis at the ad hoc rates set forth above. Contractor shall not be reimbursed or compensated for any Media Buy not approved by the State in advance.

f. Contractor shall oversee and support co-op media placement opportunities with tourism organizations, attractions, etc. as needed or as requested by the State.

g. Contractor shall provide ongoing account supervision to communicate and document the timing and cost status of all media placement projects as well as provide necessary reports, estimates, accounting documentation, and other financial information necessary to comply with the Contract’s payment terms and conditions.

h. In consultation with and as approved by the State, Contractor shall develop and expand a media asset library with images and video for use in digital advertising, media placements, and the website. Images and media should include, but are not limited to: 

i. Photographs suitable for digital and print advertising; and ii. Professionally edited high-resolution and color-corrected videos (minimum 720p) in various clip lengths ranging from fifteen seconds up to several minutes, as needed.

A.7. Promotional Messaging Content Management. Contractor will create and distribute messaging content such as blog posts, social media posts, outbound emails, newsletters, or other promotional announcements to followers or subscribers and implement lead-generation programs that will increase the number of followers or subscribers. By way of example only and not as an exhaustive list, examples of how Contractor may distribute messaging content and implement lead-general programs may include: a. Create and distribute emails that highlight areas of activity, interest, or promotion as requested by the State or in response to customer interest;

b. Create new content – for example, blog posts, landing pages, and media assets, on the website during the contract period on topics that support organic search and visitor engagement as approved by the State. All content should conform to marketing best practices; 

c. Create and distribute organic posts, including original content and user-generated content to social media accounts weekly to generate leads and engagement; For both the regular season and off-season, Contractor will primarily post social media posts to Facebook and Instagram, but may include other social media platforms as needed for Contractor’s given approved campaign(s) plans;

d. Develop, maintain, and expand a customer database in order to provide opportunities for nurturing quality tourism leads with additional followup marketing campaigns;

e. Maintain an expert-level knowledge of new technology and lead-generation techniques and make recommendations that may benefit the State’s database and lead-generation activities;

f. Provide monthly reports of lead-generation activities to the State to measure effectiveness of the activities and assist the State in better understanding the potential visitor and how to best formulate effective marketing strategies; and 

g. Provide all hardware, software, and telecommunication equipment needed for the development, deployment, hosting, operation, and administration of the State’s database, or manage the account with appropriate backups configured if hosting via cloud services and platforms. 

A.8. The State may, at its sole discretion and with written notice to the Contractor, request changes in the Scope that are necessary but were inadvertently unspecified in this Contract.

a. Change Order Creation— After receipt of a written request for additional services from the State, the Contractor shall respond to the State, within a maximum of ten (10) business days, with a written proposal for completing the service. Contractor’s proposal must specify: (1) the effect, if any, of implementing the requested change(s) on all other services required under this Contract; (2) the specific effort involved in completing the change(s); (3) the expected schedule for completing the change(s); (4) the maximum number of person hours required for the change(s); and (5) the maximum cost for the change(s)— this maximum cost shall in no instance exceed the product of the person hours required multiplied by the appropriate payment rate proposed for such work. The Contractor shall not perform any additional service until the State has approved the proposal. If approved, the State will sign the proposal, and it shall constitute a Change Order between the Contract Parties pertaining to the specified change(s) and shall be incorporated, hereby, as a part of this Contract. 

b. Change Order Performance— Subsequent to creation of a Change Order, the Contractor shall complete the required services. The State will be the sole judge of the acceptable completion of work and, upon such determination, shall provide the Contractor written approval. 

c. Change Order Remuneration— The State will remunerate the Contractor only for acceptable work. All acceptable work performed pursuant to an approved Change Order, without a formal amendment of this Contract, shall be remunerated in accordance with and further limited by Contract Section C.3.c., PROVIDED THAT, the State shall be liable to the Contractor only for the cost of the actual goods or services provided to complete the necessary work, not to exceed the maximum cost for the change detailed in the Change Order. In no instance shall the State be liable to the Contractor for any amount exceeding the maximum cost specified by the Change Order authorizing the goods or services. Upon State approval of the work, the Contractor shall invoice the State in accordance with the relevant provisions of this Contract.

A.9. Other Marketing Services.

a. Contractor shall evaluate and assist other marketing entities or sponsorship/partnership programs authorized by the State to leverage and maximize the State’s marketing efforts and funding.

b. Contractor shall be available to participate and make oral and/or written presentations regarding the services it provides at meetings, conferences, or other events as requested by the State.

C. All content, websites, intellectual property, and services provided by Contractor pursuant to the terms of this Contract shall be the sole and exclusive property of the State except as otherwise mutually agreed upon in writing and signed by the parties to this Contract in accordance with State contracting requirements.

d. Contractor shall provide necessary reports, estimates, accounting documentation, and other financial information necessary to comply with payment terms and conditions as set forth in this Contract.

e. All campaigns/projects will be subject to the State’s approval prior to release. Rejection of any proposed campaign or project will require the Contractor to continue development of the campaign/project to the State’s satisfaction.

f. Contractor shall track and report to the State upon request the names, titles, and billable time for work performed under this Contract.

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