Marketing RFP Issued By The Landmark Trust USA

The Landmark Trust USA is requesting detailed proposals from qualified and experienced respondents to perform client surveys and market research to help guide the organization’s plans to expand to additional locations and inform The Landmark Trust USA’s brand development strategy.


The Landmark Trust USA manages five restored historic properties in Vermont as short-term, whole-house vacation rentals, for groups of two to eight people. The Trust’s philosophy of sustainable stewardship relies on the income from short-term vacation rentals to preserve and maintain the integrity of each distinctive building. Each stay at a Landmark Trust USA property supports the core nonprofit mission, bringing new life to heritage buildings. While vacation rentals defray a major portion of operating and maintenance costs, The Landmark Trust USA also relies on generous donations from supporters to help achieve the organization’s mission and expand its reach. The Landmark Trust USA is currently considering an expansion of this business model to include additional historic properties in two specific locations.

Scope of Work:

Purpose of Research: The Landmark Trust USA seeks to gain a greater understanding of the existing and

potential market for visitors, guests, and stakeholders. Additionally, the organization seeks to understand

the existing brand identity and how the organization can become more relevant and identifiable to a

broader audience in conjunction with the anticipated expansion to Rhode Island and New Hampshire.

Scope of Work:

After a review of existing audience and market information, the selected consultant or consultant team

will conduct interviews with stakeholders to:

1. Explore the relevancy of our mission and vision statements,

2. Gain insights into their values and priorities relating to historic preservation and their choice of

rental properties,

3. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of our organization,

4. Identify aspects that make the organization unique,

5. Understand the character and personality of our brand and rental properties,

6. Gather anecdotal information about their involvement with our organization,

7. Understand the composition of our audience’s: age, geographic location, ethnicity, and income


8. Ascertain their brand associations

The stakeholder survey and interviews will assist The Landmark Trust USA in understanding the market

potential for two specific properties under consideration in Rhode Island and New Hampshire. The

The Landmark Trust USA



consultant will identify key factors (including location, character, and amenities) that influence a

stakeholder’s interest in staying in historic properties.

The survey and interviews will also help evaluate brand recognition of The Landmark Trust USA. The

respondent will conduct a review of Landmark Trust USA’s existing identity in print and on social media

(Facebook and Instagram), E-mail Blasts, and Website Pages to develop an analysis of the brand’s public

profile, consistency, voice, and themes.


The project must be submitted in draft form by December 1, 2021, and in final form by December 15,

2021, and must include all of the following components.

● A critical brand assessment citing the consultant’s research from the survey and interviews

regarding brand identity

● Analytical input and recommendations for brand identity including 2 to 3 creative concepts that

articulate the brand visually and verbally. (A slide deck is required)

● A summary of potential amenities and locations that interest clients when considering a stay at

The Landmark Trust USA properties.

● A list of core objectives and metrics of success for the Landmark Trust USA’s proposed addition of

two specific historic properties in Rhode Island and New Hampshire. This must include a list of

target markets, specific strategies with measurable objectives and tactics to achieve the


● An evidence-based opinion of market potential for the two specific properties under


Potential Research Participants may represent a selection of:

1. One-time guests

2. Repeat guests

3. “Never” guests

4. Day visitors

5. Program attendees

6. Donors (one-time and regular)

7. Social media followers

8. Employees and directors of the Landmark Trust USA and partner organizations (Scott Farm,

the Stone Trust, Preserve Rhode Island, New Hampshire Preservation Alliance)

Due Date: October 12


Susan McMahon, Executive Director The Landmark Trust USA

Relevant agencies to consider include Dukas Linden and Prosek PR.

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