West Texas A&M University  (herein referred to as WATMU) is soliciting proposals and intends to enter into an agreement to perform a marketing campaign for the Paul & Virginia Engler College of Business.  WATMU is an institution of higher education located in Canyon, TX. It is the intention of WATMU to contract with a single company to provide these services for the WATMU campus. 


The passage of a bill in early 1909 by the Thirty-first Texas Legislature authorizing the establishment of a State normal school for the education of  teachers located somewhere “west of the ninety-eighth meridian” set off a spirited bidding war as some 25 west Texas cities and towns competed to secure the educational institution. On Sept. 9, 1909, the location committee, consisting of the speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, the lieutenant governor and the superintendent of public instruction, announced its decision. The location for the school, already named West Texas State Normal College, would be Canyon, a young community of 1,400 located near the center of the rapidly developing Texas Panhandle. Many factors were involved in the location decision, but a pledge of 40 acres of land and $100,100 in cash made Canyon’s bid particularly attractive. Although not mentioned in the official report, the city’s lack of saloons also strengthened its case.  More information can be found at

Mission: West Texas A&M University is a diverse and inclusive student-centered community of learners that:

·         provides a technology-rich, academically rigorous educational experience at the provides a technology-rich, academically rigorous educational experience at the undergraduate and graduate levels;

·         cultivates opportunities to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, information literacy, and ethical behavior;

·         directs resources in support of empowering co-curricular experiences;

·         maintains focus on the development of future leaders for our community, the state, the nation, and the world; and

·         serves through education, research, and consultation as a catalyst for economic development and enhancement of the quality of life for the region.

Scope of Work:

Guided by its pioneering spirit, West Texas A&M University will be recognized for its excellence in teaching and learning, with a strong focus on engaging students in challenging and meaningful experiences that aid in their intellectual and personal development. WTAMU alumni will be scholar-leaders empowered to advance their chosen field, to impact their communities, and to pursue excellence.

The following service requirements must be included, but are not limited to:

About the Paul & Virginia Engler College of Business

The Paul & Virginia Engler College of Business (COB) at West Texas A&M University strives to provide high quality undergraduate and graduate business education with a global perspective and ethical awareness. We accomplish this through emphasis on excellence in teaching, which is strengthened by faculty scholarship and supported by professional service.

Currently, the COB has 2700 students enrolled in seven undergraduate programs and four graduate programs. We are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AASCB), the most highly regarded business school accreditation in the world and our Computer Information Systems program is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Fewer than 40 business schools hold both AACSB and ABET accreditation. 

Courses are offered on campus and online, with some of our programs offered fully online. In the past five years we have experienced a substantial area of growth in our online graduate business programs. We would like to maintain this growth as well as focus on increasing enrollment in some of our other areas of study. 

We are seeking proposals from qualified, full-service agencies who can offer us a comprehensive marketing strategy and implementation for both our undergraduate and graduate programs. The main services that are being sought are in the areas of digital marketing, with specific emphasis on the COB’s efforts in branding and defending in the online space.

1.)    Develop a marketing/advertising strategy specific to enrollment in the programs listed below:

·         Undergraduate

o   Traditional Students – While we are a major entity in the online atmosphere, we still service as a regional, teaching institution with a large first generation population

o   Non-Traditional Students – This segment is typically focused in the online programs and are students seeking a degree for career acceleration or changing career paths

·         Graduate

o   Maintain MBA program – The market for the MBA program is rapidly becoming saturated with new market entrants with a variety of differentiated benefits. In order to remain competitive in this space, we need to ensure we are able to express our unique benefits against these new entrants and current market competitors

o   Increase enrollment in specialized masters programs including MSFE and MSCISBA – One space the COB feels has high growth potential is in the specialized masters programs given the unique makeup of our region, faculty, and potential student body that we would serve

2.)    Search Engine Optimization Services – With more and more universities offering full or partial online programs every day, competition is fierce. The services needed will aid in routing students to our webpage through organic and paid searches. As noted above, the services we are requesting are not completely focused on the online space, but this will be an important and measurable outcome from these services

3.)    Social Media Services – In the social media space, having a common voice and presence is essential to being authentic and to have a positive brand image. The services requested will aid in the creation of an editorial calendar for the different social media platforms, aid in educating the parties in charge of said platforms on how to manage and alter the social media plan, and manage the entire process for pay-per-click advertising

4.)    Content – Review current content (website, social media, etc.) and aid in the creation and execution of a strategic content plan. The creation and execution of content will be crucial in future student’s ability to recognize our brand as well as increase organic search traffic

5.)    Graphic Design – While the COB has resources available to create graphics, there is a potential that through the processes outlined above in regard to the strategic plan, there may be a need for branding direction and some graphic design deliverables   

Due Date:

3:00 PM Central Time, 27 March, 2020


West Texas A&M University

Procurment Department

Attn:  Elaine Chew, Director of Procurement & Contracts

WT Box 61001 Canyon, TX  79016

Agencies worth considering for this assignment include KCSA PR and Walker Sands.

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