Marketing Services for Fort Bend County Public Transportation

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3.1 Fort Bend County officially formed a Public Transportation Department in June 2005 with a mission to provide residents with safe and efficient public transportation services while maintaining service quality and customer satisfaction. Two main types of service characterize Fort Bend County Public Transportation (FBCPT) services demand response and commuter/fixed route services. Applicable schedules, descriptions, etc. are available on the County website ( Services are operated Monday through Friday excluding County Holidays between the hours of 4:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m.

Emergency events may necessitate service beyond normal operations.

3.2 Demand response service is complemented by an Ambassador Program that assists people with disabilities in boarding and alighting vehicles, carrying packages, at bus stops, and/or door-to-door assistance.

3.3 Commuter service is complemented by Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) services for registered passengers. GRH is a free service that provides commuters a way home in the event of a midday emergency. The service is only available to registered passengers who are provided up to three (3) trips per year at the County’s expense. Users have the option of using more trips at their own expense but must pay the service Contractor directly.

3.4 All residents and visitors of Fort Bend County are eligible for services offered by FBCPT. All services for Fort Bend County are general public shared ride services and are directly operated by one (1) service contractor.

3.5 FBCPT is located at 3737 Bamore Road in Rosenberg near the Fort Bend County Fairgrounds. The facility includes accommodations for complete fleet maintenance, storage, fueling, and washing, as well as other administrative and operations activities.

3.6 FBCPT is planning the construction of a new park and ride lot, Westpark, on the north side of the westbound frontage road FM 1093. The park-and-ride lot will have approximately two hundred (200) parking spaces with a canopy shelter, bathrooms, and other standard park-and-ride amenities. Once constructed FBCPT plans to expand commuter services to this location.

3.7 FBCPT is a recipient of federal and state funding, including but not limited to Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Section 5307, Section 5311, Section 5339 funding, Federal Highway Administration Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) funds and Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) funds.


Fort Bend County, Texas (hereafter referred to as the “County”) seeks Proposals (“Proposals or RFP”) for selection of one or more Respondent(s) to assist with various marketing and public relations activities. Some of these activities require time commitments that cannot be accommodated in-house due to the extent of day-to-day responsibilities. Others need specialized expertise that is not available in-house. The County is seeking a qualified marketing or public relations firm to provide market research, marketing, community outreach, and public relations.

4.1 Market Research: The respondent shall conduct the following market research and provide written reports documenting the results and recommendations of those results.

• Strategic analysis of demographics, business trends, and Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) as the foundation for the marketing plan and corresponding areas.

• Analyze consumer, media, and market research including demographics to include residents, corporations, retailers/restaurants, visitors, employees, and developers. Additionally, the selected respondent will incorporate pertinent information and review existing research provided in the Long Range Plan and other Public Transportation-related documents.

• Research, develop, and assist staff with the management and oversight of revenue-generating advertising program options, including quality control of imagery and installation.

• Conduct transit surveys, as needed.

• Conduct new project market research, as needed.

4.2 Marketing Plan: The respondent shall be responsible for developing and implementing a plan that incorporates a wide range of marketing strategies to effectively promote the awareness and actual use of public transportation services to key audiences including core riders, occasional riders, and the general public/non-riders.

• Evaluate available media (trade, print, out-of-home, television, radio, internet, and social media) and create a recommended media schedule based on cost.

• Develop high-quality, cost-efficient production options for trade, print, marketing material, and related items.

• Develop advertising spots for cable television, radio stations, YouTube, and website.

• Develop photography, videography, and stock art/music/print options for use in collateral material, website and print as needed.

• Develop promotions, promotional items, media kits, corporate information packets, and other associated items for internal & external use as needed.

• Develop and print schedules, maps, displays, promotional materials, or otheractivities.

• Develop specific project-based sub-marketing plans, on a case-by-case basis, for special projects such as new construction, new services, or expansion of Fort Bend County RFP 24-021 services, including the design of graphics and materials associated with such sub-marketing plans.

• Design graphics and materials associated with the marketing plan and strategies including but not limited to existing and future expansion of transportation services.

• Provide metrics to demonstrate the impact/success of the marketing plan and establish a timeline of how often those metrics should be analyzed and assessed.

• Assist with the department’s website and Facebook page content to keep information fresh and relevant.

4.3 Community Outreach: The respondent shall develop a written community relations strategy to guide the department on the most appropriate avenues and approaches for engaging residents.

• Create and assist in the creation of presentations for various community outreach events such as public hearings, job fairs, trade shows, and specialevents, i.e., Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and the Fort Bend County Fair.

• Create, edit, and produce collateral material for recommended outreach activities.

• Participate in community outreach activities, administrative activities, planning, and emergency events.

• Provide recommendations for community outreach, as needed, for special projects such as new construction, new services, or expansion of services.

• Assist with obtaining public input, as needed.

4.4 Public Relations: The respondent shall develop a written public relations strategy to guide the department to leverage optimum press coverage.

• Develop the appropriate strategy for responding to crisis events such as incidents, accidents, and natural disasters. Assist in monitoring reactions and responding appropriately.

• Write and distribute press releases using various media outlets.

• Assist in managing interactions with media, both proactively and reactively.

• Identify the best methods to get the word out face-to-face meetings, web postings, text messages, email, letters, phone calls, social media, and traditional media.

• Identify possibilities of speaking engagements and appearances.

• Plan press conferences and press releases to generate publicity, word of mouth and grow the overall social media presence.


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