Proposal Due Date: 5:00 PM EST, Monday, September 18, 2023



The Contractor(s) shall develop and implement a strategic integrated marketing plan (the “Marketing

Plan”) to promote and enhance the “Events DC” brand, raising its public profile in local, national and

international markets by communicating the corporate brand identity for the purpose of improving the

market position and increasing business revenue in Events DC’s three (3) lines of business. The

Contractor shall provide campaign development, strategic counsel, creative direction, project timeline

management, tactical media planning and market research for marketing activities associated with the

corporate brand, activities and identity. The services to be performed include, but are not limited to:

(a) Collateral development and messaging, including sales promotions and campaigns, to promote

Events DC’s services and venues, including creative brand refresh;

(b) Development, coordination, and outreach to potential clients around specific high-profile events

and programs identified by Events DC;

(c) Social and new media (such as augmented reality, virtual reality, e-gamming and advance

website technology) outreach to promote the activities of Events DC;

(d) Securing profiles and interviews with general market and industry publications;

(e) General outreach and marketing campaign support;

(f) Implementation of the overall Marketing Plan via ad placements and direct mailings as directed;

(g) Promotion of Events DC’s events and initiatives to interested stakeholders via earned and new


(h) Design, production, and distribution of collateral materials, including revising them as necessary,

consistent with the Events DC brand guidelines;

(i) Attending in person Kick-Off Meeting as well as strategy meetings with key members of Events

DC’s staff and; and

(j) Purchasing advertising on behalf of Events DC. Advertising purchases may also include ad hoc

media buys on social media and search engines.


The Marketing Plan should be based on available market research (past advertising results, the current

market, and any additional resources the Contractor determines applicable) and adhere to the tactical

sales strategies and goals as communicated by the COTR and must be designed to achieve the following:

(a) Improve market position for the Events DC brand and all of its Facilities;

(b) Increase sales lead generation for all of Events DC’s Facilities;

(c) Increase the overall brand awareness and market reach of Events DC;

(d) Increase Events DC brand relevance in targeted markets and with customers; and

(e) Maintain Events DC’s brand identify across all channels/vehicles (such as press releases, Eblasts, and social media).


The Contractor’s overall Marketing Plan shall encompass strategies that will generate sales leads. The

Contractor’s Marketing Plan shall meet the following requirements:

(a) Create opportunities to help generate sales leads and facilitate collaboration between Events

DC’s marketing and sales efforts to promote the Events DC brand and its portfolio of Facilities;

(b) Use measurement tools/methods for quantifying sales leads following implementation of the

Marketing Plan;

(c) Create and produce at least one (1) special Events DC partnered/sponsored opportunity.

Examples of pass collaborative events are Jazz Fest, Horse Show, and NRG Esports; and

(d) Target markets such as:

i. Small meetings;

ii. Consumer shows;

iii. Association and annual events;

iv. Sports and entertainment events; and

v. Corporate, social, and non-profit events.


The Contractor shall develop an integrated ongoing marketing strategy (“Marketing Strategy”) and

creative Brand “Refresh” to include the following:

(a) Initial steps to developing the Marketing Strategy shall consist of, but are not limited to:

i. Campaign development;

ii. Conduct an environmental audit; and

iii. Establish a roadmap to achieve goals set forth against the project.

(b) A monthly campaign report containing data meeting the following metrics:

i. Sales Leads;

ii. Earned Media Impressions;

iii. Engagement Level;

iv. Touch points;

v. Social Media Impressions;

vi. Tone; and

vii. Attendees.

(c) Concept, Design and placement of new creative brand collateral, including corporate stationary

and other branded items to highlight the Brand Refresh;

(d) Concept and design for an exhibition booth or brand activation that tells the Events DC brand

story; and

(e) Establishing the strategy to drive new traffic to Events DC’s websites and the “Plan and Book

Portal” within a six (6)-month period.

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