Marketing strategies for safe holiday drinking

Alcohol can have a negative impact on the holiday season, whether it is drinking too much at a party or driving under its influence. Then there are health problems to consider which can be liver damage or heart disease. However, these three months are the busiest and the most important months for the wine and spirits industry. To win the holiday season and to promote safe drinking given below are some strategies.

Digital advertising strategies as key ingredients

Alcohol purchases had soared during the pandemic because of people buying alcohol online. If brands engage consumers with thoughtful campaigns, they might succeed in not only encouraging responsible behavior but also earn brand loyalty. Customers can be encouraged to avoid making alcohol the focus of holiday celebrations. They can state that mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages like fruit juices and sparkling water can also be used for celebration.

Encourage celebrations that resonate with the personality of the brand

There are certain holidays that resonate more with a brand compared to others. That holiday can be chosen so that brands can showcase their essence. Deals designed during the holidays can also catch the attention of the customers. For instance, ‘top products’ can also include non-alcoholic options. Given below are some campaigns that have directly or indirectly promoted safe drinking during the holidays.

Smirnoff’s ‘Drops of advice’

Smirnoff launched a ‘safe drinking’ campaign for the holidays. The campaign included pop up bars called “Be Wildly Responsible’ . The campaigns include short animated films which would be featured in the pop up bars. These films were created by Igor Bastidas, a Venezuelan animator. The films would be centered around safe drinking habits and the capacity to know when to stop drinking. These strategies have been developed to encourage safe drinking habits in customers. Such a campaign also demonstrates that a brand wants to keep its consumers safe. The animated video clips would also feature on the social media pages of Smirnoff. Drinking safely is a social initiative and brands should encourage such actions in quirky and vibrant ways. This also shows the priorities of a brand in a positive way. Moderation is an act that should be promoted. For instance, Allstate had launched mocktail recipes to promote safe driving.

Bacardi’s UGC campaign

Bacardi used an influencer marketing platform to give innovative ways to celebrate the holiday season without being too dependent on holidays. Customers were encouraged to make a conscious choice before reaching a bar. The brand used user-generated content and asked customers to share their #mojitomoment. Customers could also submit vocal recordings and videos so that they could win a chance to  appear in the music video of the Latin classic ‘Conga’. The campaign was launched during the peak holiday season and the brand wanted to encourage the participation of younger, multicultural adults.

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