Marketing Strategies that Convert

There are many different ways for companies to invest in effective marketing efforts that are going to be able to attract their target audiences and get them to convert. In fact, some of the most popular marketing efforts include conducting original research to update the existing content that the company has already created and published for the target audience, and relying on more video content.


In the last decade, one of the best ways for companies to promote themselves is to invest in original research. Companies that are able to invest in conducting their own research and then publishing it in the form of e-books or white papers tend to generate a lot more backlinks from authoritative and reputable third-party websites, which means they’re able to reach a lot more potential customers. New information for audiences tends to attract a lot more people to a company, especially if the content through which that information is being shared is presented in an attention-grabbing way, presented in a visually attractive way, which means companies can generate more links and shares. Through research, companies are also able to create more long-form content by including some graphic elements to the content they’ve already created, which can generate even more backlinks from authority outlets. Most outlets are always looking for new stories or angles that they can talk about on various topics, even if those topics have already been discussed before. Companies that have proprietary data can present a new and unique angle to the same topic, which makes it a lot more attractive to publications, as well as target audiences.

Updating old content

By regularly conducting research, companies are also able to continuously update any of the past content that they have already created and published. After all, most old content can serve companies well for a longer period of time. By updating that content, companies can continue to increase the ranking of those blog posts or articles over time, and generate more backlinks, therefore, increasing organic search traffic. Instead of simply looking to create brand new and high-quality content, companies can still continue to rely on the content that they have already created, which has also produced incredible results for them. Additionally, even by simply making a few smaller updates, or tweaks to old content, as well as changing the date that the article was published to inform potential readers that there has been a revision to the piece, can improve the ranking of that piece on search engine results pages.

Video content

In the last few years, video content has become more popular than ever, which means companies that aren’t investing in video content in terms of their marketing efforts are losing out. Video content can create strong relationships with the target audience, which makes them a lot more likely to start purchasing from a business. There are plenty of types of videos that companies can create for their audiences, from footage of the company behind the scenes to testimonials from customers, or tutorials on how they can use specific solutions. 

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