Marketing Strategy and Execution Academic Digital Yield Campaign for UMaine

Deadline Date/Time: January 6, 2023, 11:59 p.m. EST Response Submission Information: Submitted electronically Email Subject Line – RC: Marking Strategy & Digital Yield Campaign – RFP#2023-056

Purpose & Scope of Services

The University of Maine System acting on behalf of University of Maine is seeking responses to provide a digital “drip” campaign initiative to address the 3-year decline in yield rate of our accepted students by partnering with the Deans of each of UMaine’s five Academic Colleges. The purpose and goal of this initiative is to increase UMaine’s 3-year average (15.2) accepted student “yield” rate by 1%. This will allow us to become more competitive with the other 6 New England flagships who’s average 3-year average yield rate is 17.9%. In addition, this initiative will allow us to mitigate the level of confirmation (Deposited Students) “Melt” during the summer. (UMaine 3-year avg. = 18.1% – National publics avg = 15-16%).

The requested provider offers a turn-key segmentation solution that is personality driven and through a “psychographic” modeling that provides a rich insight in how to communication with each student based on their attributes. This segmentation will be used across our digital, text and email communications. Their approach is based on an Ecosystem design, accounting for the real complexities of the UMaine enrollment work and the changing student behaviors. This allows us to uncover

and interpret intelligent, market-driven, student-centric data and then leverage those findings to curate comprehensive strategy and targeted tactics that are customized for UMaine. Bottom line, this process provides a truly personalized experiences for our students that drive engagement, action, and affinity.

This document provides instructions for submitting responses, the procedure and criteria by which the Respondent(s) will be selected, and the contractual terms which will govern the relationship between the University and the awarded Respondent(s).

The University is committed to providing increased access and opportunity to diverse businesses include and not limited to: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Business Enterprise (LGBTQ+BE); Minority Business Enterprise (MBE); Service-Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (SDVBE); Small Business

Enterprise (SBE); veteran-owned; service-disabled veteran-owned; HUBZone; small, disadvantaged business; women-owned; minority-owned; Veteran Business Enterprise (VBE); and Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE).

Though this document is primarily for University of Maine, all campuses in the University of Maine System must be afforded the use of this solution, with all the same terms and conditions applicable to the various University locations.

1.2.1 Contract Administration and Conditions The winning Respondent will be required to execute a contract in the form of a University of Maine System Master Agreement, a copy is provided with the RFP submission materials. The Master Agreement initial term and renewal periods are reflected in Section 2 of the Master

Agreement, and are subject to continued availability of funding and satisfactory performance.

The Master Agreement entered into by the parties shall consist of the University of Maine System Master Agreement (attached to this document), the RFP, the selected Respondent’s submission, including all appendices or attachments and clarifications, the specifications including all modifications thereof, and a Purchase Order or Letter of Agreement requiring signatures of the University and the Contractor,all of which shall be referred to collectively as the Agreement Documents.

In the event of a conflict of terms the following precedence will apply:

1. University of Maine System Master Agreement

2. Agreement Riders as required

3. Contract Amendments (as required)

4. The University’s RFP

5. Respondent’s Submission

6. Purchase Order or Letter of Agreement Modification of Agreement terms and conditions is permitted except that the University, due to its public nature, will not :

a. Provide any defense, hold harmless or indemnity;

b. Waive any statutory or constitutional immunity;

c. Apply the law of a state other than Maine;

d. Procure types or amounts of insurance beyond those UMS

already maintains or waive any rights of subrogation.

e. Add any entity as an additional insured to UMS policies of insurance;

f. Pay attorneys’ fees, costs, expenses or liquidated damages;

g. Promise confidentiality in a manner contrary to Maine’s Freedom of Access Act;

h. Permit an entity to change unilaterally any term or condition once the contract is signed;

i. Accept any references to terms and conditions, privacy policies or any other websites, documents or conditions referenced outside of the contract; or

j. Agree to automatic renewals for term(s) greater than monthto-month.

1.2.2 Communication with the University

It is the responsibility of the Respondent to inquire about any requirement of this document that is not understood. Responses to inquiries, if they change or clarify the document in a substantial manner, will be forwarded by addenda to all parties Request for Proposal (IT) – Marketing Strategy & Digital Yield that have received a copy of the document. Addenda will also be posted on our web site,

It is the responsibility of all Respondents to check the web site before submitting a response to ensure that they have all pertinent documents. The University will not, be bound by oral responses to inquiries or written responses other than addenda.

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