Marketing Strategy Tips for Real Estate

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One of the most challenging, yet lucrative industries has always been real estate, and according to a recent study, many homebuyers tend to make purchases with the help of brokers or real estate agents. Not only that but according to the study, most of those buyers ended up only looking into a single real estate agent, which greatly highlights the importance of getting in front of buyers and building awareness for real estate agencies and brokers. This, along with a few other reasons are why those types of agencies should have a solid understanding of real estate marketing, along with a strong strategy to succeed.

Agency Website

The first step in having a strong marketing strategy when it comes to real estate is to create a website for the agency where consumers can find more information about the business. This way, prospective clients can see what the agency can provide to them, such as different listings, and they’ll keep returning to the website if the listings are frequently updated.

One way to make the agency stand out from the competition is to add something unexpected to the website that’s useful to the potential consumers, such as a mortgage calculator. Aside from that, it’s always important to make the website SEO optimized and add beautiful photos for each listing that will attract attention from potential buyers.

Partnerships With Businesses

Many times, real estate agencies work locally, which means they’re familiar with plenty of other local businesses, such as coffee shops, clothing stores, and other businesses. Using these local connections for partnerships means that the agency will be able to promote its listings or even invite them to participate in open house events.

This is a very unique way that prospective clients can get interested in a listing and visit an open house event, while the agency also sets up some small pop-up shops in the different rooms of the home from the partnering businesses. Not only will this get more people interested in a listing, but it also encourages potential homebuyers to explore every room in the house.

Paid Social Ads

A great way for real estate agencies to get in front of a large number of potential home buyers while promoting listings and increasing brand awareness is through paid ads on social media platforms. One of the best social media platforms for this strategy these days is Instagram, as it’s a photo-sharing app where agencies can share beautiful images from their listings.

By creating a sponsored post, agencies can target specific groups of people that are looking to purchase homes, as the targeting options on Instagram allow users to pick the type of post, the length of the promotion, the budget for the ad, and select a target audience. Additionally, using targeted hashtags on these types of posts practically guarantees that the posts, and subsequently, listings are going to be presented to, and reach, the right groups of people from the target audience.

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