Marketing to decreasing attention spans

Attention span is a shrinking resource with regard to the digital consumers of the 21st century. Anything less than perfect content will result in frustrated users which will eventually take a toll on the business. To drive a lot of traffic, the calls to action have to be compelling. The gradually decreasing attention span means the target audience cannot be distracted.

1) Concise content – To make sure that content does not die a painful death, it should flow freely, but not flood customers with too much information. It is important to keep key business objectives in mind and listen hard to customers. In order to differentiate your band, you cannot sacrifice quality. In order to create engaging content, important keywords should be highlighted and bulleted lists should be used.

2) Repetition – Repurposing key information into varying formats like texts, videos, and images can help to avoid content catastrophes. Content can be sent across different channels like social media and email.

3) Add visuals – Adding videos is not always a good idea. Videos make pages load slowly and a slow loading page can pose as an impediment for a customer with a shortened attention span. When text and graphics are combined with images, the impact can be substantial. Interactive images not only attract the attention of users but also keep them engaged. Stock photos should be avoided.

4) Split up content – Content can be treated as a snack, it  can be presented as small bites. Clear units of information will always win over an undifferentiated mass. Content should be characterised by brief paragraphs, short lines of text, and distinctive groupings accompanied by visual hierarchies with clarity. Headings and subheadings will also lead to relevant division of information.

5) Personalise – Personalized content helps to match users with their interests. Discount offers, web pages, and service recommendations can be personalized. Brands get personal by offering customer service on social media by integrating chatbots with their websites. Amazon has completely personalized content for customers.There are ratings for sellers and products, viewing and purchase history which give the visitors of the website a distinctive experience.

6) Make a statement –   A customer needs a compelling reason to engage with content. Making a statement gives direction to content. It is the amalgamation of the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of a business. For example ConAgra’s Forkful’s mission statement is : “ Here you will find recipes suited for both the everyday and the special occasions.”

7) Use what’s trending – For successful conclusion to efforts, keeping up with what topics are currently popular are important. From what is trending, pick out what is relevant to your niche, add the appropriate angle and incorporate it to your content. Quora and Buzzfeed can be extremely helpful with trending searches. Memes, influencer content, and animation can help to build a productive connection with consumers. Look up popular search terms and then align your content with them.

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