Maryland State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency Issues Media RFP

Maryland State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency Issues Media RFP


The Maryland State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency (MLGCA) is issuing this Request for Proposals (RFP) to invite qualified Offerors to submit proposals to provide advertising, marketing, media and related services, including creative development and production, and media planning, negotiating and buying.

As described more fully in this RFP, this wide range of marketing services includes, creative development and production of advertising and marketing materials; design and production of Retailer merchandising and point-of-sale materials; creation and production of web, mobile, digital and social media advertising; media planning and buying; media post-buy analysis and reconciliation; promotion and sponsorship development and implementation assistance; website and mobile app strategy, development, and maintenance; social media strategy, development and maintenance; web analytics and reporting; conducting and managing marketing and product research studies, to further the MLGCA’s overall marketing plan for retail sale of Lottery tickets to generate revenue for Maryland’s General Fund; and other related activities necessary to carry out the work set forth herein.


The MLGCA, an independent agency of the State of Maryland, began operations in January, 1973.  Over the last forty-four years it has grown tremendously, while also frequently evolving to adapt to the challenging retail environment.  The mission of the MLGCA is to raise revenue for the State’s good causes and MLGCA is now the fourth largest contributor to the State’s General Fund behind individual, corporate, and sales and use taxes.  While raising revenue is its top priority, the MLGCA recognizes the importance of satisfying the public’s appetite for fun and entertaining games of chance which has led to the popularity and stability of the brand for more than four decades.  The brand enjoys broad appeal, as approximately 71% of adult Marylanders have played the Lottery within the past 12 months.  Even those who don’t play regularly view the MLGCA positively.

The MLGCA has a continuously active, labor intensive advertising account with multiple marketing, creative, media, digital and research projects requiring attention and service simultaneously.

Scope of Work:

Business Partnership

The Contractor shall become a partner with MLGCA in the development and evolution of its business, brand and product portfolio in order to further the MLGCA’s mission of providing funds to the State’s General Fund.  All Contractor personnel assigned to the Contract shall be committed to the same goals as the MLGCA and shall create and execute programs that will deliver on those objectives.

Meetings at the MLGCA’s headquarters (1800 Washington Boulevard, Suite 330, Baltimore, MD 21230) with Contractor personnel shall be held a minimum of weekly, although at times could be more frequently as dictated by the project workload and as directed by the MLGCA.

Due Date:

April 25th


Maryland State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency

Montgomery Park Business Center

1800 Washington Boulevard, Suite 330

Baltimore, MD 21230

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