Mattio Communications: PR Agency in the Cannabis Space

Founded in 2005, Mattio Communications has grown into a leading and strategic PR and marketing firm in the cannabis space. Under the leadership of its founder, Rosie Mattio, the agency has made its name representing notable brands like Canndescent, Navy Capital, Seed & Smith, Flowhub, Papa & Barkley, botanical SEATTLE, and many others.

Using well-honed communication skills, creativity, and industry knowledge, the award-winning agency employs its unique creative muscle to drive its client’s conversations, and shape perceptions. Scaling the height to become an award-winning agency, the PR firm has adopted some unique aspects. Exploring these aspects highlights why Mattio Communications is a go-to brand for leaving brands in a variety of industries.

Unique Services

Headquartered in New York City, the PR agency offers an exceptional array of award-winning marketing and communication services, including:

#1. Media Relations

To tell brand stories in a way that drives conversations and shapes perceptions, Mattio digs deep into its clients to create highly compelling pitches that communicate key messages and connect with relevant trends.

Some media relations services that Mattio’s team has mastered include raising media profiles for key executives, crafting winning story pitches and press-releases, garnering media placement with leading publications, managing crises, and developing tailor-made PR strategies to increase brand exposure.

#2.Search Engine Optimization

Mattio’s SEO experts follow changing trends amongst major search engines, helping brands develop outstanding yet tactical approaches to rank. To outrank the competition, Mattio’s team endeavors to conduct extensive site audits and create focused keyword strategies. 

SEO services that make Mattio stand out include timely reaction to ongoing algorithm changes among major search engines and localized Cannabis SEO services in states where medicinal and recreational cannabis has been legalized.

Other SEO services offered by Mattio’s team include proper tracking via Google search console and google analytics, comprehensive site audits to determine key determinants for SEO growth, and market definition to help target keywords ranks for relevance and volume.

#3.Investor Relations

To deliver customized investor relations programs, Mattio’s IR team designs programs geared towards building credibility, raising visibility, and maximizing the shareholders’ value. Drawing upon the agency’s experience and insights, Mattio’s IR service helps brands create compelling narratives that resonate with target financial communities via transparent and consistent communications.

Leveraging an extensive network of security analysts, investment bankers, the financial press, and corporate access teams, the agency puts its clients’ stories in front of key perception influencers in the market, and in front of appropriate investors.

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