Media And Marketing RFP Issued By Energy Trust of Oregon

Deadline: October 19, 2022, 5:00 p.m. (PDT)

Sloan Schang, Marketing and Communications Lead

421 SW Oak Street, Suite 300 Portland, OR 97204

Scope of Services:

Energy Trust is looking for a contractor that can quickly and cost-effectively get up to speed on our organization and programs, as well as the communities we serve and our role in the energy industry.

The RFQ seeks expertise in two main areas of work. The first is media buying to place advertising across the state, with particular focus on rural areas, communities of color, low-income customers and Spanish-speaking customers and, upon identification of qualified media buying service providers, enter into contract(s) for those services. The second is marketing creative services in support of Energy Trust’s brand marketing activities.

The primary objective of the services sought is to raise awareness of Energy Trust’s value and offerings and motivate customers to act, particularly among rural communities, communities of color, Spanish-speaking customers, and low-income customers. All activities will align with Energy Trust’s brand strategy, brand marketing plan, organizational public relations strategy and program marketing plans and campaigns. Contractor will also collaborate and coordinate with other external contractors or agencies as needed to ensure media buying and other marketing activities align across the organization and programs.

Activities will include: • Developing statewide and SW Washington targeted, multicultural and community specific media buying strategies for brand, B2B and B2C marketing campaigns for both English and Spanish language audiences in the following areas:

Traditional advertising (radio, broadcast television, print, and outdoor), programmatic display (all digital that is purchased based on target audiences rather than specific websites) and paid social. Energy Trust will provide the overall advertising strategic direction, targeting information, advertising goals and approvals, and the media buyer will contribute subject matter expertise to draft, refine and adjust strategies.

• Executing campaign media buys through contracts with individual media service providers, ensuring that creative provided by Energy Trust and its other marketing vendors is trafficked with each outlet on the required timeline, and acting as main contact for Energy Trust on all media buying inquiries. Campaign development and execution is the work of multiple teams, and the media buyer will be involved in collaborative work with other agencies.

• Provide reporting on media buying budget and effectiveness, including real-time dashboard access to trafficking and spending in progress, a campaign mid-point summary report and a campaign final summary report within two weeks of the end of a campaign media buying period. Reporting will include data identified for each campaign, such as number of impressions, when and where the TV and Radio spots ran, number of clicks (online), click thru rates, cost per click and other reporting data identified by Energy Trust.

• Evaluate and provide expert analysis of advertising opportunities that arise outside of planned campaign buys by surfacing or responding to media service provider inquiries or interest areas identified by Energy Trust during the contract term. A small annual contingency budget will be reserved for funding these types of opportunities if approved by Energy Trust.

• Provide creative marketing services in support of brand advertising campaign activities. This work may include development and production of original traditional (radio, TV, print) and digital creative and updates to existing creative based on changing strategic direction, specific community or audience targeting needs or new opportunities that surface through media buying strategy and activities.

• Provide creative marketing services in support of community-specific outreach and events. Energy Trust outreach managers work with communities and customers statewide, including focus areas of rural, moderate, and low-income customers, communities of color and Spanish-speaking customers. Contractor may be involved in developing and/or supporting the creation or update of collateral (brochures, info sheets, guides) intended to strengthen relationships and expand awareness of Energy Trust and its offerings.

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