Media Buying RFP Issued By University Of California

Media Buying RFP Issued By University Of California

A media buying services  RFP for FY 2017-18 has been issued by the University of California on behalf of its Davis Strategic Communications department (“UC”), in accordance with the requirements set forth in this RFP. The overall objective of this RFP is to select a supplier or suppliers to assist UC Davis Strategic Communications in establishing the most cost effective and efficient procurement program for 2017-18 advertising buys while maintaining high standards of quality and service. This is a contract with a comprehensive level of service including planning, execution, analysis and optimization with placement across traditional and online channels, executing the 2018 phase of a national awareness campaign that launched in late 2016.

Scope of Work:


  • Conduct comprehensive media research based on the targeted audiences and regions.
    • Provide expertise in social/digital placements and make appropriate recommendations.
    • Develop a media plan that includes a balanced mix for broad reach to target audiences while achieving the campaign objectives.
    • Negotiate cost-effective media schedules that maximize reach and frequency to identified target audiences at the lowest possible cost to the University.
    • Demonstrate knowledge o f current media trends, success benchmarks, costs and distribution figures.
    • Provide a media plan that includes recommended media mix, schedule computations, budget summaries and added-value opportunities.
    • By market, provide UC Davis with: audience profile, mass media ratings, schedule deliveries including reach frequency, cost per thousand, impressions, ad rotation and recommended flight periods for each medium.
    • Recommend placement of multicultural media that will successfully deliver the University’s messages to the appropriate audiences.


  • Complete insertion orders and submit to recommended media outlets.
  • Develop production schedules and traffic instructions for media outlets.
  • Coordinate with UC Davis staff to develop production schedules required by media contracts.
  • Collect and share screenshots, tear sheets and affidavits.
  • Monitor implementation  to  ensure all  advertisements  are  properly  placed in   a timely             manner.
  • Conduct campaign adjustments as needed to optimize spending.


  • Recommend changes to plan during campaign based on performance to date and new opportunities. Provide proof of placements.
  • Produce reports for the Office of  Strategic  Communications  and  its  stakeholders  that document deliverables, budget performance, engagement metrics, optimization strategies and quantified added-value opportunities.
  • Assess cost, CPM, impressions, reach and frequency by key media markets.
  • Provide  comprehensive  digital/social  metrics  to  support  campaign  optimization  and                effective reporting to leadership.
  • Recommend future advertising opportunities based on results.

Due Date:

November 29


PR firms with education experience includes Cohn & Wolfe.

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