Media Campaign Issued By the Mississippi Department of Mental Health Bureau of Alcohol

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The selected Media Firm will join in collaboration with the Department of Mental Health (DMH) and the Department of Health (DOH) in their efforts to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Mississippi. The selected Media Firm will be expected to carry out the following deliverables: 

• Develop a statewide targeted communication strategy to destigmatize HIV/AIDS, stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, and increase awareness.

• Utilize a science-based public health communication strategy to influence behavioral change in the State.

• Inspire all Mississippians to create a stronger and healthier future by increasing the public’s understanding of rapid HIV testing and how to access needed services.


The Mississippi Department of Mental Health (DMH) certifies, provides and/or financially supports a network of services for people with mental illness, intellectual/developmental disabilities, and substance use disorders. It is DMH’s goal to improve the lives of Mississippians by supporting a better tomorrow one person at a time. The Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services is responsible for the administration of state and federal funds for the public system of prevention, treatment, and recovery supports for persons with substance use disorders. The overall goal of the state’s substance use disorder service system is to provide quality care within a continuum of accessible community-based services including prevention, outpatient, withdrawal management, intensive outpatient, primary and transitional residential treatment, opioid treatment services and recovery support.

Scope of Work:

I. The selected media firm will develop communication strategies:

A. Using social media tools as an effective way to expand, reach, increase access/awareness, and empower people to make safer and healthier decision:

i. Facebook 

ii. Podcasts 

iii. Videos

iv. Widgets 



B. To provide downloadable educational activities, resources, materials:

i. Buttons/Badges

ii. Activity Sheets 

iii. Plaques 

iv. Card cut-outs 

v. Pamphlets 

vi. Flyers vii. Message plates 

C. Using traditional meetings (printed advertisement) to reach a more differentiated audience. Actively engaging public relations/news media collaboration plans:

i. Print and digital ad space for newspaper/magazines 

ii. Digital buys (i.e. streaming radio, blog advertisement, social media, etc.)

iii. Leaflets/flyers/brochures/booklets/newsletters 

iv. Outdoor Billboards 

a. All media buys will include negotiating for best and lowest cost, seeking value added promotional opportunities, conducting appropriate focused market research segmentation and regionalization.

b. Other advertisements /Public Service Announcements, news media, and presentations for targeted audiences.

D. Actively searching for unique outreach opportunities. Personalize and reinforce health messages that is tailored and/or targeted to diverse groups/individual’s:


ii. Men 

iii. Women 

iv. Minority/Ethnics populations 

v. Colleges/Universities 

vi. Elementary-Middle-High Schools 

vii. Seniors 

viii. Parents

ix. Faith-based Community

II. The selected media firm will research background critical to implementing key aspects of the campaign:

A. Actively search for outreach opportunities to implement campaign.

B. Obtain information pertaining to media campaign progression:

i. Goals/objectives/strategies 

ii. Agreements/contracts/invoices 

iii. Communicate with/interview campaign contractors 

iv. Review kinds of services offered/obtained 

v. Dates/time frames per agreement/contract 

vi. Essential documents relevant to the media campaign 

C. Target social media advertisement and other cost-effective means of raising awareness.

III. The selected media firm will ccommunicate routinely with the Department of Mental Health (DMH) & the Department of Health (DOH) to report progress and performance pertaining to media campaign and ongoing evaluation.

a. Follow through on recommendations and suggestions from the DMH & DOH regarding innovative ideas to reach target audiences, methods, and budget allocation as necessary to meet campaign objectives.


The agency agrees that total contract compensation will be at a rate of up to $70,000.00. Evaluation Criteria The following evaluation criteria will be utilized (100 point scale):

• The plan for performing the required services: 25 points 

• Pricing: 35 points 

• A record of past performance of relevant work: 15 points 

• Ability to perform the services as reflected by technical training and education, general experience, specific experience in working on similar substance use awareness campaigns and so social media campaigns: 25 points Contract Dates The start date for this contract is estimated to be February 1, 2021 with an end date of September 30, 2021.

Due Date:

January 15, 2021@ 4:00 p.m. CST


Toni Johnson MS Department of Mental Health 239 North Lamar St. Jackson, MS 39201 601-359-1288

Relevant agencies to consider include Finn Partners and Porter Novelli.

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