Media Monitoring Company Sought For Canadian Space Agency

2016-03-14 by EPR Staff

The Canadian Space Agency

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has issued an RFP for “specialized media monitoring services in order to bring a regional and national dimension to its press review system and to help implement the communications program of the Communications and Public Affairs Directorate.”

Work required:

Monitor media on a daily basis, including Saturdays and Sundays, using a list of keywords that is updated regularly and based on CSA announcements, specifically:

  1. Electronic media, namely English-language and French-language radio and television stations in Quebec and other parts of Canada;
  2. Print media, namely English-language and French-language dailies and weeklies in Quebec and other parts of Canada;
  3. General information and space science websites, as well as sites related to space activity (including some that will be provided by the CSA);
  4. The following specialized magazines: Québec Science, L’Actualité, Maclean’s, Canadian Geographic, Discover Magazine, Popular Science Magazine, Science and Nature.
  5. Be able to send the press review of the media coverage from Monday to Friday, between 6:30 and 6:40 am in a format accessible on smart phones (e.g. BlackBerry) and tablets (e.g. Dell Surface Pro), with clickable Web links. It should be noted that the Monday press reviews must include weekend articles;
  6. This daily, personalized press review must include all newspaper articles from the English-language and French-language dailies and weeklies in Canada as well as monitoring notes of radio/TV broadcasts relevant to the Canadian Space Agency’s files and issues and on the basis of the keyword list provided;

The RFP further seeks:

  1. Media monitoring products in English and French;
  2. Transcriptions, electronic monitoring notes, copies of articles, audio or video clips as either a regular service or a rush service;
  3. A media monitoring service on any other subject identified by the Communications and Public Affairs Directorate in a crisis management situation;
  4. Quantitative and/or qualitative media analyses, in English or French (based on demand) on various subjects identified, on a monthly, annual and ad hoc basis.

Proposals are due by MARCH 15, 2016, and should be submitted to:

Claudine Morin