Media Partner for North Dakota’s Financial Literacy Campaign

RFP Number: 110.7-24-001

Due Date: 2.24.2024 1PM CT


The financial literacy endeavor began in 2016 when lenders in the Bakken oil communities came to

Bank of North Dakota (BND) with a concern. Their new residents coming to work in the oil fields and oil

field-related businesses were challenged with buying homes and vehicles, and/or renting places to live

due to poor credit ratings.

BND’s mission is to “deliver quality, sound financial services that promote agriculture, commerce and

industry in North Dakota.” To fulfill this mission, it is essential to have a financially stable workforce in

our state because then residents can invest in, and support, local business and purchase personal

items like homes.

BND hired a full-time financial literacy director at that time. Initial efforts included assessing the

resources available in the state, and BND staff provided some education in high school, college and

young adult financial literacy classes. The needs of the state and involvement of BND in the effort grew

significantly over the years to where we are today.

2024 Initiative

Along with a coalition of state agency partners, our goal is for North Dakota to become the most

financially literate state in the country as measured by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s

National Financial Capability Study (NFCS). FINRA Foundation – Geography of Finance.

The state agency partners for this effort are:

 Bank of North Dakota

 ND Career and Technical Education

 ND Department of Health and Human Services

 ND Department of Public Instruction

 ND Office of the Governor

 ND State Treasurer’s Office

 ND University Systems

Bank of North Dakota, along with above listed partners, will kick off an ambitious project in April 2024 to

make North Dakota the most financially literate state in the country. Bank of North Dakota is taking the

lead on this effort and is whom the awarded contractor will work with to implement the plan.


The Bank of North Dakota (STATE) is soliciting proposals to establish a contract with a media partner

who will play a primary role in a campaign with a vision of making North Dakota the most financially

literate state in the nation.

The media partner must develop a media campaign strategy with various communication modes for the website. The media campaign strategy will maximize the available budget

(Section 2.2 of the RFP) and reach the target audience. The target audiences for this campaign are

North Dakota residents, ages 18-65 with no other qualifiers regarding age, gender, sexual orientation,

religion, education or employment status.

BND staff will create the collateral needed for the contractor’s proposed communication modes.

Below is a list of possible media outreach methods which is not exclusive.

 TV Ads

 Social Media

 Radio Ads

 Billboards

 Email communications

 Digital media

 Podcasts

 Special events


 Provide a diverse access of media channels, which should include a combination of any of

the above media outreach methods, and additional opportunities as identified by the offeror

to provide a North Dakota statewide reach for placement of financial literacy collateral

developed by BND.

 Partner with BND to develop a campaign strategy for allocation of the annual campaign

budget for media placement using communication modes and demographics to reach the

target audiences. An innovative and creative approach to reach the target audience is highly

encouraged. For example, exclusive events in key locations across the state or a unique

combination of resources offered by the vendor in partnership with BND to increase

awareness and improve results will be considered beneficial.

 Partner with BND to maximize the annual campaign budget, including any value-added or

pro bono value the contractor brings to the project.

 A strong collaboration with BND, rather than direction, of campaign is expected.

 The successful offeror should demonstrate a willingness to work with BND to develop the

campaign strategy that will achieve the strongest results.


No on-site work is required.


The STATE will provide all collateral for the campaign. BND will create the needed collateral for

the various communication modes.

The STATE will provide the following personnel to support the project: The Communications &

Marketing Manager at Bank of North Dakota has an experienced team that includes graphic

design, videography, writing, media buying and data tracking, that will create the collateral and

work with the media partner to implement collateral for the effort.


The length of this contract will be from the date of award, approximately April 1, 2024, for 25

months until completion, April 30, 2026. See the attached contract for extension provisions.


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