The County of San Diego is seeking proposals from firms interested in providing Vector Control Media Campaign (“Offerors”). The Contracting Officer for this solicitation is Veronica Ford, Procurement Contracting Officer,

Proposals due October 5 prior to 3:00 pm

Background Information

The San Diego County Vector Control Program (VCP) is a countywide program that protects people against mosquito borne diseases such as West Nile and Zika viruses as well as other vector borne diseases like tularemia and hantavirus. The mosquito borne viruses are transmitted to humans through the bite of infected female mosquitoes.

Since 2016, 113 batches of mosquitoes, 313 birds, and 30 residents contracted West Nile virus. The VCP works to reduce the risk of WNV by treating known mosquito breeding sources, testing mosquitoes and dead birds for WNV, and by educating the public about steps they can take to reduce mosquito breeding and protect against mosquito bites.

Invasive Aedes mosquitoes were first detected in San Diego County in 2014. These mosquitoes are very persistent biters and can spread diseases including Zika, dengue, yellow fever, and chikungunya viruses. The VCP conducts activities throughout the county to reduce the risk of transmission of these viruses by invasive Aedes mosquitoes. To date, no locally acquired cases of these diseases have been detected.

The VCP will continue to emphasize its public health messages Prevent mosquito breeding at home,

Protect yourself from mosquito bites, and Report dead birds and large mosquito breeding sources especially during the peak mosquito season from August through October.

Objectives and Outcomes

1.1. Objectives: Contractor shall achieve the following objectives:

1.1.1. Develop an effective media strategy(ies) to reach the target audiences, convey public health messages and increase web traffic to and other VCP webpages.

1.1.2. Multiple campaigns (all concerning vectors and their diseases) may be requested, but the predominant campaign will involve combating mosquitoes and will be called “Fight the Bite.” It will focus on preventing mosquito breeding, but may also include information on personal protection, preventing mosquito bites, and reporting dead birds and mosquito breeding sources like unmaintained swimming pools.

1.1.3. Contractor shall work in coordination with the County Communications Office (CCO) and the VCP in developing supporting creative content, including but not limited to video and audio PSAs, web, print and social media advertising, billboards, and outdoor advertising. Contractor shall distribute PSA content on multiple mass media platforms (television and/or radio, internet, social media, mobile device, and outdoor signage) and by other means contractor is able to provide, such as bus/trolley wrap or other creative advertising, for a campaign to educate the general public and specific target groups about mosquito breeding prevention and the risks of mosquito borne diseases and direct the public or other designated websites. Contractor may also be requested to develop other outreach materials such as car wraps, mobile displays, videos, and other branding elements.

1.1.4. Contractor will accurately translate select materials into threshold languages for the County of San Diego. Contractor will reach all speakers of threshold languages through platforms specifically directed toward audiences that speak those languages.

1.1.5. Contractor shall place content in morning, noon and afternoon time slots for television and radio.

1.1.6. Contractor will use targeted marketing to reach intended audiences, will report on the effectiveness of the campaign each month and will adapt its strategy daily, if necessary, to maximize results.

1.1.7. Contractor shall measure and report the reach and impressions of the campaign(s) each month.

1.1.8. Campaigns will usually run from August through October each year but may include spring dates and other time periods if needed.

1.1.9. If requested by the VCP, Contractor will conduct surveys and analysis to gauge baseline community knowledge and opinions of vector control topics as well as effectiveness of outreach, media campaigns, and other interventions.

2. Target Population and Geographic Area

2.1. Target Population: Contractor shall provide the services described herein to target populations determined by the VCP. For example, the media campaign may target:

2.1.1. Residents of and visitors to San Diego County with an emphasis on homeowners, pregnant women, children, seniors, underserved communities, gardening enthusiasts, homeowners with rain barrels or bromeliads, communities with detections of vectors (such as Aedes aegypti) or vector borne diseases, and people traveling to countries where Zika virus is present.

2.1.2. Other campaigns may target other populations, cover different vectors and vectors borne diseases and have different messages.

2.1.3. Underserved communities as defined by the County and other sources such as California Enviroscreen.


4. Specific Requirements for Service Delivery

4.1. Contractor shall conduct up to four (4) quarterly meetings each year with DEHQ and CCO staff to discuss current and pending media projects; and 2) be available for consultations, phone calls, or web meetings as necessary to accomplish goals.

4.2. Contractor must review the County’s most recent “Fight the Bite” campaign and provide guidance on using previous County sponsored campaigns on new campaigns/developments to DEHQ and CCO.

5. Timelines

5.1. Within 45 days of contract execution, contractor shall submit a media strategy (including television, radio, internet, social media, mobile device, outdoor platforms and any other media platforms described in the proposal) to DEHQ.

5.2. DEHQ will provide initial media content to Contractor upon award. Additional content may be submitted to the Contractor by DEHQ throughout course of the contract. Contractor may be requested to create additional media throughout the contract.

6. Deliverables

6.1. Contractor will implement the media campaign as specified under Objectives and Outcomes including, as necessary, the development of materials and graphics to enhance campaign messages.

6.2. Contractor will provide a monthly accounting of the days, times and costs of the advertisements run on all media platforms including, but not limited to, TV, radio, social media, internet, mobile device, connected TV, and outdoor advertising.

6.3. Contractor will provide monthly summary of number of impressions and engagement (when applicable) achieved on all media, internet traffic, click through rates, social media posts, and other media modalities and will correlate the results with outreach activities (such as interviews, PSA schedule, press releases etc.).

6.4. All advertisements and collateral materials developed by Contractor under this contract shall be the property of the County of San Diego and all files will be provided to the County upon the conclusion of each media campaign and the contract.

6.5. At conclusion of each campaign, Contractor will evaluate campaign results and make recommendations for conducting and improving future campaigns.

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