Media RFP Issued By Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation

NSGC is looking for a partner to develop a multi-year strategy for gambling literacy and supporting year-round campaign. This will include a dedicated week of activities in the fall (tentative dates September 27-October 3, 2020). The target audience is based on insights from a variety of sources, including the Responsible Gambling Council’s Report on Informed Decision Making, the 2013 Nova Scotia Adult Information Collection Project, Positive Play work done by Dr. Richard Wood and other sources. While the audience includes all adult Nova Scotians, NSGC will focus its efforts on the 19-35 demographic.

The objectives for the Gambling Literacy Strategy and Campaign are:

1. Promote awareness and understanding of gambling literacy (e.g., how the games work, the    outcome is not predictable, gamble for entertainment not to make money) among adult Nova Scotians who gamble; and, 

2. Promote awareness and support of NSGC and regulated gambling in the province.

Once selected, the selected proponent will provide NSGC with:

1. Multi-year strategy for the delivery of gambling literacy efforts.

2. Supporting year-round campaign, which would include: a. Creative concept for the campaign;

b. Integration of the concept into collateral and digital forms of media;

c. Media buy;

d. Activation activities;

e. Dedicated week of activities in the fall (tentative dates September 27 – October 3, 2020);

f. Success evaluation criteria; and,

g. Other campaign ideas that leverage existing responsible gambling programs and venues (ticket lottery locations, Responsible Gambling Resource Centres at the two land-based casinos, 


Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation (NSGC) is a Crown corporation, accountable to the Province and ultimately the people of Nova Scotia. NSGC is responsible for conducting and managing regulated gaming in Nova Scotia. 

NSGC leads a socially responsible and economically sustainable gaming industry for the benefit of Nova Scotians and their communities. As part of this accountability, NSGC’s role is to put social responsibility first. That means keeping gaming entertaining, safe and responsible, and this requires conducting business with sensitivity and understanding of how what we do impacts others.

NSGC is a key contributor to Nova Scotia and its economy. All profits from regulated gaming go directly back to the Province, helping to pay for valuable programs and services. In 2018-19, NSGC provided more than $145 million to the Province. NSGC is a leader in responsible gambling, having developed and implemented many world-first initiatives in support of its Social Responsibility mandate. On an annual basis, NSGC continues to deliver many responsible gambling programs to Nova Scotians 19 and older. 

In carrying out the conduct and manage role, NSGC oversees and manages its operators, Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) and Casino Nova Scotia (CNS), who carry out the day-to-day business on NSGC’s behalf. NSGC’s business lines include ticket lottery (approximately 1,020 retailers), video lottery (approximately 270 retailers) and casinos (two locations with over 470 staff). The Nova Scotia Government, and ultimately the people of Nova Scotia, are the shareholders and owners of NSGC. NSGC is not responsible for First Nations or charitable gaming in Nova Scotia, however it is committed to increasing gambling literacy for all adult Nova Scotians.

For NSGC and the gaming industry, responsible gambling is about fostering an environment that promotes safer play, gambling literacy and informed decisions. This means upholding high standards and providing a safe and entertaining player experience, delivering effective responsible gambling programs, assessing products and promotions, making information available to people so they can make informed decisions about their play, and making sure help is available for those who need it. For individuals, it is about gambling within one’s means – this means understanding the games and odds, exercising control over gambling activity, and viewing gambling as just one of many entertainment options. NSGC is acknowledged as a leader in responsible gambling by creating and introducing responsible gambling programs where none existed.

Scope of Work:

Proposal Contents

The proposal should contain the following sections which relate to the areas of scoring:

• Overview & Strength of Team (15%) 


▶ In addition to standard contact information, include a one-page letter of introduction identifying the proponent and signed by an appropriate authorizing officer, binding it to the statements made in the proposal.

▶ Provide a short (one page) executive summary of key features of the proposal and an anticipated timeline.

▶ Proponents are required to demonstrate a clear understanding of NSGC’s strategic and business requirements and clearly articulate the proposed service. 

▶ The proponent must include bios for all senior team members and describe the project team it proposes to carry out the engagement. For each project team member, provide a brief summary of background, relevant skills, knowledge and experience. Also clearly identify how resources are effectively managed and allocated to accomplish the business requirements. Include reference to knowledge/expertise related to corporate social responsibility/responsible gambling.

• Approach (30%) 

▶ The proposal must include a description of the proponent’s client service philosophy and how it plans to manage the project. The proponent must also describe its strategic framework and process for developing public awareness strategies.

• Experience (Case Studies) (30%) 

▶ The proponent must include two case studies which are similar/relevant to NSGC’s business requirements. Provide one additional case study for digital work that is similar/relevant to NSGC’s objectives. All three case studies must include summaries, strategy and results.

• Pricing / Cost (15%) 

▶ The proponent must include:

 The names and roles of all individuals who will provide the routine management and/or the performance of the required services, and hourly rates. Hourly rates do not include taxes. 

 An estimate to deliver the business requirements as outlined.

▶ Please note that any proponents outside of Nova Scotia are responsible for travel expenses.

▶ Please note that automatic mark up on sub-contracted invoices or procurement services will not be considered as part of the fee structure. 

• References (10%) 

▶ The proponent must include the names, phone numbers and email addresses for three companies with whom you currently work that can provide your organization with a reference. Also include the dates and projects of any NSGC work you have been involved with in the past.

NSGC may require a presentation by key proposal team members in a second round. The objective and scope for that presentation will be provided at the time of

Due Date:

March 6, 2020


Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation

Summit Place 

1601 Lower Water Street, 5th Floor 

Halifax, NS B3J 2Y3 

Attention: Martine Marleau 

Manager, Corporate Services

Relevant agencies worth considering include Magrino PR and M Booth PR.

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