Mekky Media Relations: Boutique Agency Dedicated to Publicity

Founded in 2016 by PR veteran Michelle Mekky, Mekky Media relations has evolved into an agency that delivers powerful publicity. Employing a team of passionate professionals with extensive experience, the agency works relentlessly to achieve success for a wide array of clients.

Thanks to a culture that’s based on being driven and determined to achieve results through authenticity, creativity, and extensive networking among media outlets and with influencers, the agency continues to create ripples in the PR space.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, the boutique firm offers outstanding services, has run noteworthy campaigns, and bagged several awards. Highlighting each area– outstanding services, ran noteworthy campaigns, and awards — provides insight into the boutique firm’s strategies and effectiveness.

Key Services

#1. Media Training

Leveraging Michelle Mekky’s experience as a broadcast journalist, Mekky Media has developed a media training approach that’s geared towards making a client comfortable. That’s regardless of the type of interview they may face. Mekky’s team has expertise in broadcast and print interviews of different formats.

Working with Mekky Media guarantees that a client will learn: how to stick to key messages, handling tough questions, essential techniques like flagging, bridging and hooking, using props, language tricks, wardrobe, and make-up essentials, and using personality in interviews.

#2. PR Strategy and Media Relations

To develop an effective PR strategy, MeKKy Media’s PR strategies emphasize achieving appropriate exposure and attention for its clients. Providing extensive advice, the agency’s pros focus on the best approach to communicate a brand’s messaging and positioning to spotlight important brand differentiators.

Based on a brand’s target publications and outlets, Mekky’s team tailors a creative and dynamic media relations strategy. Through years of experience, the boutique agency easily identifies what newsworthy in a brand; hence such brands can leverage their unique aspects to create winning outreach campaigns.

#3: Event Promotion

With events forming a key part of winning PR campaigns, Mekky’s team is well versed in managing events ranging from product launches, trade shows, opening parties to large galas. Leveraging on years of experience, Mekky Media guides brands in planning and preparations to facilitate the launch of events that garner attention.

#4. Social Media Strategies and Influencer Marketing

To generate ample online buzz brands, social media should be incorporated into a marketing strategy. With the highly dynamic and increasingly complex social media, Mekky’s team guides brands to create highly targeted campaigns. Combined with the agency’s influencer contacts, Mekky Media helps brands target key audiences and maximize impressions.

Notable Campaign

#1. GiGi’s Playhouse Campaign

Approached to generate media attention, sustain a buzz, and drive fundraising for Gigi’s Playhouse, Mekky Media coordinated various stories across top-tier outlets.

The results: Mekky’s efforts helped Gigi’s playhouse generate over 18 million impressions. At the same time, Mekky Media’s efforts led to Mario Lopez taking the ambassadorial role for the company’s annual gala. These events culminated in a fully-booked event that helped Gigi’s playhouse raise approximately $600K.

Mekky’s team also developed story angles and messaging that positioned Nancy Gianni, Gigi’s playhouse founder, and CNN hero, as an authority in the non-profit space.

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