Metro Government of Nashville and Davidson County, PR RFP

The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County (Metro) is seeking proposals from qualified full-service public relations/marketing agencies to serve as an extension of existing Metro Department communication efforts.

Scope of Work:

  • Demonstrate an aptitude for integrating brand elements in all materials to maintain continuity and identification.
  • Perform as required, media production services including but not limited to: creative concepts, graphic design, photography, copywriting, pre-press, and printing.
  • Perform as required, aspects of video, radio, digital, and other new media direction, production, and post-production. This includes creative concepts, development, copywriting, casting, shooting, editing, dubbing, and placement.
  • Perform as required, services related to the successful development and execution of advertisements, including radio, print, direct mail, and digital and internet marketing.
  • Provide full media planning and creative services related to the production and execution of the most advanced and cutting-edge digital technologies, including but not limited to, internet marketing and mobile marketing.
  • Perform services to create advertising across all types of media, including but not limited to: pre-buy analysis, media planning, requesting optimal rates and placements, tracking, and post-buy analysis. Media targets may include local, state, national, and international markets. As requested, the offeror will provide demographic information, including analysis of market, station, profiles, time, etc.
  • Develop an earned-media strategy for developed outreach programs.
  • Develop and provide Metro Departments with project budget prior to undertaking work.
  • Arrange and coordinate media coverage of Metro issues, including a press conference, interviews, and appearances on appropriate media outlets.
  • Assist in the development of educational materials, news stories, and briefing documents on current issues as well as long-term matters, to ensure the quality and consistency of information provided to the public. Assist in the development of a natural disaster crisis communication plan.
  • Develop and execute direct communication strategies designed to reach ethnic minorities, New Americans, underserved, underrepresented, non-Internet-connected, lower socioeconomic level, and non-English-speaking populations.
  • Constantly review and make recommendations to Metro for more timely, transparent, and effective communication with residents, businesses, and guests of Metro.
  • Provide a weekly report in a form acceptable to Metro.
  • This list of services is intended as a general guide and is not intended to be a complete list of all work necessary to provide the requested services. The successful Offeror shall have a demonstrated knowledge and expertise to respond quickly and serve the unique needs of Metro.

Due Date:

August 11th


Sandra Walker

PR firms who may be a fit for this assignment include Hunter PR or Coyne PR.

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