METRO PARKS TACOMA Event Production Company to Produce a Concert Series at Dune Peninsula at Point Defiance Park


Date Issued: December 12, 2022

DEADLINE: January 6, 2023, at 12:00PM

Contact Person: Ryan Schroeder, Event Supervisor Metro Parks Tacoma

E-Mail Address:

4702 South 19th Street, Tacoma, WA 98405


To aid potential respondents in understanding our organization, MPT has developed the following


● Vision: Metro Parks Tacoma envisions a vibrant, active, and engaged community.

● Mission: Creating healthy opportunities to play, learn, and grow.

● Core Values:

  • ▪ Innovation 
  • ▪ Excellence
  • ▪ Inclusiveness 
  • ▪ Equity
  • ▪ Sustainability 
  • ▪ Accountability
  • ▪ Safety 
  • ▪ Fun


MPT owns and operates Dune Peninsula at Point Defiance Park. A map of Dune Peninsula is included as Attachment B. Dune Peninsula is a former ASARCO Superfund site that MPT recently transformed into a major urban waterfront attraction that opened in late 2019. Dune Peninsula is 11 acres of new recreation space on the shoreline of Commencement Bay with unobstructed views of Puget Sound, Mount Rainier, and Vashon Island. Dune Peninsula is nestled between and easily accessed from Point Defiance Park and downtown Tacoma while sitting adjacent to Point Ruston, Tacoma’s new urban waterfront residential development.

MPT’s improvements to Dune Peninsula are intended to benefit the community at large and to help transform Tacoma into a national tourist destination. Dune Peninsula includes a venue area consisting of a sloped event lawn that functions as an informal amphitheater that can accommodate events drawing up to 3,500 spectators depending on the event components such as stage size, seating, vendor/food tents, fencing, etc. The event lawn is designed to allow events to be scaled to preserve the intimacy of an urban park experience.


The services for which MPT is requesting proposals is outlined as follows:

A. Concert Performer Selection, Establishing Concert Dates and Contracting for Performances

1. Select, book, and provide musical talent.

2. Perform all contracting, payment, coordination, and support with the musical talent for at least

three days and no more than six days between June 1, 2023, and Labor Day weekend.

3. Confirm the total number of concerts not later than April 1, 2023, and book at least 50% of those

concerts by April 1, 2023. Confirm the remaining concerts not later than May 15, 2023.

4. MPT will work with the successful respondent to confirm specific dates between June 1st and Labor Day that Dune Peninsula will be available for events.

B. Food Concessions

1. May contract with and provide food concessionaires to sell food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic

beverages during the Events.

2. Obtain all necessary permits and licenses to provide food and beverages (e.g. Public Health

Department, Tacoma Fire Marshall, Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board).

C. Merchandising

1. May contract with and provide merchandise sales during the Events.

D. Event Production

1. Develop a site plan designating the locations for the planned uses within Dune Peninsula.

2. Develop a transportation plan, including public transportation, rideshare, etc., and parking plan for the Event.

3. Manage all aspects of the Event operations from load-in through load-out,

4. Obtain all necessary permits and licenses for the Event (e.g., Tacoma Fire Marshall, etc.).

5. Contract with and provide all pertinent Event production vendors (portable restrooms, sound,

waste collection and disposal, etc.).

6. Contract with and provide a licensed, bonded, and insured event security.

7. Contract with and provide a minimum of two (2) uniformed Tacoma Police Department Officers to

assist with the venue security for each Event date.

8. Design and provide all Event signage in the venue and outside the venue (where applicable),

including informational and directional pedestrian signs and promotional signs.

9. Provide all lighting and lighting infrastructure for the venue during each Event.

10. Provide all sound and broadcasting equipment for the venue during each Event.

11. Provide all staging equipment for the venue during each Event.

12. Provide security for all production equipment while at Dune Peninsula.

13. Ensure that public access to and use of Dune Peninsula is not unreasonably impaired during

event set up or take down.

14. Provide and be responsible for placement of portable flooring, spectator chairs and other related

equipment for each Event and timely removal and storage of the same upon completion of each


15. Provide one (1) 10’x10’ tent canopy space inside the Event’s venue for MPT to use during each

Event at no cost to MPT.

E. Event Promotion/Marketing

1. Strategy development, brand identity and messaging in coordination with MPT.

2. Collateral design and production – MPT retains the right to review all advertising and marketing

collateral (posters, ads, programs, etc.)

3. Develop and implement media sponsorships where applicable (print, radio, etc.)

4. Develop and implement a comprehensive marketing and promotion outreach plan, taking into

consideration new media as well as traditional methods, including social media, radio, print, apps,


5. Manage all aspects of media and sponsorship fulfillment before, during and post-Event.

6. Event enhancements such as pre and post show events; possible coordination with community

groups, etc.

F. Shared Event Revenue Structure

Provide an Event revenue sharing structure with MPT for the following revenue sources: food and

beverage concessions, tickets and merchandise.

G. Ticket Distribution

1. For each Event, MPT will receive at no cost:

i. A minimum of ten (10) general admission tickets per Event date

ii. Ten (10) VIP passes per Event date if there is a VIP area at the venue

H. Non – Compete

Agree not to book an annual summer concert series at another outdoor venue within a 50-mile radius of Dune Peninsula with a capacity of three thousand (3,000) attendees or greater without MPT’s express written permission.

I. Sound Policy

Comply with MPT’s Sound Policy. (For example: Current acceptable SPL level is 90 DBA at 100’ (FOH). All concerts must end by 10:00 PM.)

J. Insurance

Provide insurance as required in the Dune Peninsula Special Use Agreement

K. Other

1. Respondents Responsibilities:

i. Comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations and MPT Policies.

ii. Provide timely and responsive customer service.

iii. Work collaboratively with MPT if concerns arise regarding the Events.

2. MPT will Provide:

i. MPT is responsible for the ordinary operation and maintenance of the Event venue.

ii. MPT will provide electricity at the venue as follows:

1. 200 Amp, 3-phase with Camlock for Lighting and Video

2. 200 Amp, 3-phase with Camlock for Audio

3. 15 – 50 Amp, single-phase with Cali-Twist for Event Auxiliary Power

iii. MPT will provide water as is available at the Event venue.

iv. MPT will provide waste collection receptacles and waste removal during each Event.

v. MPT will maintain the permanent restrooms at the venue during each Event.

vi. MPT staff, contractors and volunteers will be allowed access to the venue for waste collection,

maintenance, and recycling purposes.


Marketing Strategy and Execution Academic Digital Yield Campaign for UMaine

RFP # 2023-056

Issued Date: December 16, 2022 Response

Deadline Date/Time: January 6, 2023, 11:59 p.m. EST


Established in 1968, the University of Maine System (UMS) unites six distinctive public universities, comprising 10 campuses and numerous centers, in the common purpose of providing quality higher education while delivering on its traditional tripartite mission of teaching, research, and public service. A comprehensive public institution of higher education, UMS serves more than 30,000 students annually and is supported by the efforts of more than 2,000 fulltime and part-time faculty, more than 3,000 regular full-time and part-time staff, and a complement of part-time temporary (adjunct) faculty. Reaching more than 500,000 people annually through educational and cultural offerings, the University of Maine System also benefits from more than two-thirds of its alumni population residing within the state; more than 123,000 individuals.

The System consists of six universities: The University of Maine (UMaine), including its regional campus the University of Maine at Machias (UMM); the University of Maine at Augusta (UMA); the University of Maine at Farmington (UMF); the University of Maine at Fort Kent (UMFK), the University of Maine at Presque Isle (UMPI); and the University of Southern Maine (USM). The System also includes the University of Maine School of Law and the University of Maine Graduate and Professional Center.

Purpose & Scope of Services

The University of Maine System acting on behalf of University of Maine is seeking responses to provide a digital “drip” campaign initiative to address the 3-year decline in yield rate of our accepted students by partnering with the Deans of each of UMaine’s five Academic Colleges. The purpose and goal of this initiative is to increase UMaine’s 3-year average (15.2) accepted student “yield” rate by 1%. This will allow us to become more competitive with the other 6 New England flagships

who’s average 3-year average yield rate is 17.9%. In addition this initiative will allow us to mitigate the level of confirmation (Deposited Students) “Melt” during the summer. (UMaine 3-year avg. = 18.1% – National publics avg = 15-16%).

The requested provider offers a turn-key segmentation solution that is personality driven and through a “psychographic” modeling that provides a rich insight in how to communication with each student based on their attributes. This segmentation will be used across our digital, text and email communications. Their approach is based on an Ecosystem design, accounting for the real complexities of the UMaine enrollment work and the changing student behaviors. This allows us to uncover and interpret intelligent, market-driven, student-centric data and then leverage those findings to curate comprehensive strategy and targeted tactics that are customized for UMaine.

Bottom line, this process provides a truly personalized experiences for our students that drive engagement, action, and affinity.

This document provides instructions for submitting responses, the procedure and criteria by which the Respondent(s) will be selected, and the contractual terms which will govern the relationship between the University and the awarded Respondent(s).

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