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Miami Parking Authority has issued an RFP for Media and Community Relations Consulting Services.  Scope of Services shall include  complete media relations services, and community outreach, strategy development, social media, media positioning, writing, meeting attendance, recommendations related to the media and community relations, review of presentations, event attendance, crisis management, media outreach, and other related services, as needed.

Basic Services:

Consultant shall maintain an adequate staff of qualified English- and Spanish-speaking personnel at all times to ensure its performance, as specified in this Agreement.

  1. Development of Objectives
  2. Consultant shall confer with representatives of MPA to develop options for how the elements of the media relations strategy shall be designed and implemented.
  3. Consultant shall confer with representatives of the MPA in order to comprehensively identify aspects of the MPA operations that may be utilized to promote MPA as the authoritative source for all parking related issues in Miami-Dade County.
  4. Strategy Plans
  5. Crisis Management Plan – Consultant shall prepare and present a plan to address negative publicity and/or public attention for any potential crisis the MPA may face.

The plan shall include:

  1. Preparation of messaging and strategic distribution of written press statement.
  2. Preparation of key messages addressing all issues

iii. Management of media inquiries

  1. Coordination of interviews
  2. Six-Month Plan – Develop the public relations concept and program of work for the initial six (6) month term of the Agreement. Plan shall be updated every six months.
  3. Media Training – Consultant to provide general media training for staff and detailed training for key spokesperson/s and Board members, as needed or recommended by consultant.  General training should include the following:
  4. Handling of media inquiries
  5. Interview etiquette and strategies

iii. Outline of communication protocols for the MPA.

  1. Social Media Plan – Develop a strategic plan using social media (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) for ongoing messaging and marketing services. Responsible for keeping the information current.
  2. Monthly Services

In connection with planning, preparing and placing of print publicity and feature stories, the Consultant shall provide the following specific services on a recurring monthly basis:

  1. Meeting Attendance – It is estimated that Consultant shall attend a minimum of two (2) meetings per month as instructed by MPA, in order to adequately gauge the ongoing activities of the organization..
  2. Media Monitoring and Clipping Service – Consultant shall supply the MPA with news clippings and press releases to be posted on MPA’s social media site and/or MPA website.
  3. Account  Administration  –  Understanding  that  regular  contact  with  the Consultant is essential to the implementation of an effective public relations campaign, the MPA team agrees to keep Consultant abreast of new developments and projects, thereby allowing Consultant to take maximum advantage of the public relations opportunities presented.  Administration of the MPA account shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
  4. Account Executive – Consultant shall staff the MPA account with highly qualified English- and Spanish-speaking public relations professional(s) with thorough knowledge of media and community for day-to-day account management.
  5. Monthly Work Plan Review – A monthly recap prepared by the Consultant shall be provided to the MPA’s Chief Executive Officer, outlining all of the ongoing public relations efforts.
  6. Media Relations

In order to effectively promote the MPA and its designated spokesperson(s), Consultant shall obtain quality media coverage that generates high visibility for the organization. Duties may include but shall not be limited to the following:

  1. Compilation/Maintenance of PR Materials –Consultant shall prepare and regularly update fact sheets, biographies and press/media kits.
  2. Press Releases – Consultant shall distribute press releases on newsworthy items regarding the MPA.
  3. Social Media –Consultant should verify that any information regarding the MPA, including, but not limited to, news articles, new programs, special rates for events, etc., is posted in all social media sites pertaining to the MPA.
  4. In-house Writing – Where relevant, Consultant will prepare copy for placement in select publications. Topics will be determined according to the current needs, and content is formatted, according to select guidelines.
  5. Feature Pitch and Placement – Consultant will continually pursue feature stories, as  a  means  to  promote  MPA’s  parking  programs  and  community  outreach initiatives.
  6. Other PR Tactics  – Other PR tactics shall be developed and executed in accordance with the six-month plan.
  7. Marketing and Event Support

In addition to acting as a consultant on the planning and execution of special events, Consultant will reach out to media in an effort to secure coverage for any MPA special event.

  1. Media Alerts – Consultant shall send and coordinate media alerts for press conferences
  2. Pre- and Post-Event Releases

Proposal due by January 4th, 2017 to:

Miami Parking Authority

Procurement Department

40 N.W. 3rd Street, Suite #1103

Miami, FL 33128

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