Midwest Cargo Hub Commission Issues Marketing RFP


The MCHC issues this Request for Proposals (“RFP”) for a qualified contractor to develop and implement a marketing plan for the commercial launch of live animal export operations at the Airport.


The Midwest Cargo Hub Commission (the “MCHC”) was formed in 2008 to develop an international freight and commercial hub in St. Louis. Its mission is to establish regularly scheduled international freight service at St. Louis Lambert International Airport (the “Airport”) and to increase global trade and foreign direct investment in the Midwest. The MCHC works to establish dedicated cargo flights at the Airport in order to position the St. Louis region as an international gateway.

In addition to shipping freight, the MCHC and the Airport have worked together to design, fund, and build new live animal penning, holding, and loading facilities to export animals. Those facilities are now ready for use, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has granted conditional pre-approval to the facility as both a Temporary Port of Embarkation and a Temporary Export Inspection Facility. St. Louis’ centralized location offers animal exporters a cost effective and operationally efficient facility to ship livestock quickly and safely anywhere around the world.

Scope of Work:

                Task 1: Develop a Marketing Plan

·         Identify any U.S. trade groups and organizations with interest in the promotion and development of the livestock/seedstock industry

·         Identify U.S. state agricultural departments with large animal export facilitation programs

·         Identify specialist livestock/seedstock export intermediaries and companies who act on behalf of buyers and sellers globally

·         Develop a plan to promote the Airport’s livestock export facility among U.S. trade groups and organizations, agricultural departments, and export intermediaries that are active in the livestock industry

·         Write a plan for marketing outreach to cover an eighteen (18)-month period

·         Assist the Airport’s marketing office by providing content guidance towards the creation of a one (1)-page brochure showcasing the capabilities of the animal handling equipment

                Deliverable: A detailed, written plan for marketing activities to demonstrate how groups   and organizations involved in the export of livestock will be contacted and solicited, and    suggestions for content in the creation of a one (1)-page livestock export facility brochure               

                Task 2: Implement the Marketing Plan

·         Contact the livestock/seedstock groups identified in Task 1 and announce the availability of the Airport’s livestock export facility

·         Present and promote the capabilities of the Airport’s animal handling equipment to those groups identified in Task 1

·         Represent the Airport as its main point of contact for livestock export interests

·         Organize up to two (2) informal open house events primarily for prospective users to see and explore the Airport’s livestock export facilities

·         Handle all the logistics of the open houses such as invitation lists, scheduling, programming, and overall event needs

                Deliverable: Evidence of implementation of the marketing plan, such as:

·         List of contacted companies and organizations, their level of interest in the Airport’s livestock export facilities, and their readiness to encourage operators in their network to use the Airport’s livestock export facilities

·         List of Airport open house events and attendees, and any follow up actions taken to secure operations 

                Task 3: Planning and Implementation Activity Report and Suggested Next Steps

·         Highlight accomplishments and explain any challenges

·         Provide recommendations and next steps for marketing outreach activities

                Deliverable: A final, brief report of all scope of work activities to highlight accomplishments,  any challenges, and suggested next steps

Due Date:

June 7


Midwest Cargo Hub Commission

c/o St. Louis Economic Development Partnership

7733 Forsyth Blvd., Suite 2200

St. Louis, Missouri 63105

Attn: Howl Bean II

PR firms with transportation experience includes Finn Partners and Ruder Finn.

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