Millcreek Common Website RFP Issued 

Millcreek (the “City”) is requesting proposals/bids (“Proposals” or “Responses”) from qualified proposers (“Proposers”) to build a marketing website with integrated ticketing and e-commerce for the new Millcreek skating loop at the Millcreek Common.

Background and Detailed Description of Scope of Work

The City is a suburban/semi-urban municipality of approximately 65,000 residents. Among a wide spectrum of residential strata, the City has a moderate amount of active commercial enterprise, including small businesses, public and private schools, a major hospital, clinics, library and community supporting non-profit headquarters. Fifty percent of households can be described as starter homeowner, young professional, and generationally established.

The City is currently constructing Millcreek Common, a two acre public park, which features an ice-skating on an ice rink and adjoining ice-skating loop (winter use) and roller/in-line skates on the ice rink and adjoining ice-skating loop area. The ice rink and adjoining ice-skating loop area totals 11,000 square feet. Millcreek Common forms the centerpiece of what will be City offices and “City Center.” The following provides additional information on ice-skating, roller/in-line skating, and other activities in or at City Center.

Ice Skating Season Features:

• Planned Opening Day, December 2022

• Planned Closing Day, March 2023

• Operating Hours: Weekdays, 3:00pm–9:00pm; Weekends, 1:00-10:00pm.

• Ice skating customer base and commerce development:

o Up to 200 persons per session (45-minute per session) using rented (City currently 380 pair of ice skates in various sizes) or personal equipment

o Promotions and discounts

o Skate lessons

o Special events

o Involvement with after school programs / fieldtrips

Roller Skate Season Features:

• Planned Opening Day, June 4, 2022

• Planned Closing Day, November 1, 2022 (approx.)

• Operating Hours: TBD

• Roller skating customer base and commerce development:

o Up to 450 person per session (60-minutes per session) using rented (City

currently has 450 pair of roller skates in various sizes) personal equipment

o Daily programming promotion

o After school / fieldtrip events

o Special promotions to stretch demographics

Adventure Hub Sales and Operations Center Features: Located adjacent to the

skating surface, The Adventure Hub is operational and special event rental space.

• Planned Opening Day, May 4, 2022

• Operating Hours: TBD

• Online and in-person skate rental and venue access fulfilment.

• Customer interface

• Skate surface / ice operations

• Volunteer and skate-host hub

• Lockers and stow bins for personal effects

• Limited merchandising

• Venue management offices

• Venue use / skate rental waiver

• Skate liability waivers

Millcreek Common Community Building Programming and Events: The

Common space has the ability to be activated in various ways.

• Community Hosted event promotion (e.g., Millcreek City Founding

Celebration, Holiday themes, Millcreek charities events, Community events


• 11,000 square foot Common area available for private event rental

• Community Events hosted throughout Millcreek City Center

• Daily Classes hosted by The Common and the City

Proposal Requirements. Two (2) written copies and an electronic copy in PDF

(Portable Document Format) of the Proposal are required to be submitted to Aimee McConkie,

Millcreek Common Executive Director, as listed below, no later than 2:00 p.m. local time on April

15, 2022. Any response, modification, or amendment received after the due date and time is

considered late. No late response, modification, or amendment will be accepted. Except for the

PDF copy referenced above no electronic Responses will be accepted. Proposals must include the

following elements and be signed by an authorized representative of the Proposer:

Introductory Letter. An introductory letter expressing an interest in providing

the Apparatus should be included. The introductory letter should be addressed to:

Aimee McConkie

Millcreek Common Executive Director

Millcreek City Hall

3330 South 1300 East

Millcreek, UT 84106

Include an e-mail address for the primary contact of the Consultant

Contact Person. For more information on the Proposal, contact Rachel Nasse, Community Life Events Planning Manager,, 3330 South 1300 East, Millcreek, UT 84106 or for American with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodation, contact Rachel Nasse, Community Life Events Planning Manager,, 3330 South 1300 East, Millcreek, UT 84106

Scope of Work

The following is a more detailed Scope of Work

• Site build on WordPress or equivalent, allowing key Millcreek Common staff to add and update content post-launch.

• Landing page for the skating venue marketing URL. Should be mobile friendly and interactive with e-commerce / ticket sales & scheduling, Millcreek Common and Millcreek City event calendar.

• Wireframe build to define the structure and user flow of the website. Should be adaptable to allow for additional content, pages and elements to be added to the site, or for the site to be built into the larger Millcreek Common project’s site at a later date.

• Mobile and desktop design mockups of the home page elements/designs: navigation, header, footer, fonts, colors according to Millcreek Common brand guidelines (brand guidelines to be provided latest at contract award). These will be material to several design collaboration meetings with the City.

• E-commerce integration for the skating venue and Adventure Hub’s online purchases and ticketing via a third-party ticketing platform, plugin or system.

• Access to selected contractor’s stock photo/video accounts and libraries for additional imagery, if necessary.

• Content consultation and copy editing for initial content launch.

• Search engine optimization with attending engagement dashboard customizations.

• Website hosting via AWS server, managed by winning contractor.

• Comprehensive, training sessions on updating and editing resulting website for any and all team members appointed to manage site content.

• Relevant Case Study example

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