How Enterprises Can Increase Productivity with Mobile Technologies



Smartphones are playing a big role in the advancement of business – this staggering figure reflects the utter transformation of today’s enterprise by mobile technology.

Productivity is always a hot topic businesses talk about. How do we get the most amount of work out of the least amount of time/money? The best part about mobile productivity is that we’re now able to work from wherever and whenever. We don’t just need to be in the office to get things accomplished anymore. The idea of mobile enterprise and productivity is rapidly gaining in popularity, and as having our own mobile devices becomes the standard, bringing them to work and accessing company resources will have to be looked at more carefully.

If you live in a big metropolitan area, your commute on the subway or train home is another way for you to get an extra half-hour or more of work accomplished. Or, once you’re home, you can spend some time on the sofa going over your next days workflow. Either way, you now have time to spend on work that we didn’t have just a few years ago.

Another aspect this graphic touches on is the risk of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon. Which is the idea that personally owned mobile devices are potentially insecure. This has nearly 2/3 of IT organizations taking a cautious approach. Security is a big deal in the digital age. Many have resources available to us at work that we wouldn’t necessarily have on our own personal accounts. If our personal mobile devices are compromised, there is a chance that we could bring potentially harmful malware into the workplace. Compromising a work account that has access to financial information would be detrimental to a company, and IT professionals are taking this aspect seriously.

Mobile devices are here to stay. The challenge for enterprises is to contain the security risks so that the increased productivity, freedom and cost savings are not outweighed by the burdens.

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