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Moneypenny is the world-leading provider of call answering and outsourced switchboard services. Founded in the UK in 2000 by brother and sister team Ed Reeves and Rachel Clacher, the company now employs over 450 members of staff and looks after calls for 7,500 businesses. The majority of Moneypenny clients are micro businesses with up to five employees. Each client has their own dedicated receptionist, someone they get to know and trust – it’s this relationship that’s unique to Moneypenny and has been key to the company’s success.

Moneypenny launched officially in the US in February 2015 and has ambitious plans for growth in the US.

They look after calls for businesses of all shapes and sizes. By combining the very best people with ground-breaking technology, they are able to answer calls exactly as if based in our clients’ offices.

Moneypenny gives its clients one person – someone who gets to know them, their business and how they like to work. A dedicated Moneypenny Receptionist allows businesses to get on with what they do best, working without distraction and ensuring no call, or indeed opportunity, goes unanswered.  Working exactly as if part of their business, Moneypenny Receptionists answer calls in their company name, putting calls and messages through to wherever clients happen to be working.

money penny pr - rfp

Moneypenny can look after all calls, acting as a receptionist, or just those calls.

Contact or or 866.202.0005 for further information.

Article updated 7/27 to omit sensitive information

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